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How good is the OSVR?

Discussion in 'OSVR Discussions' started by Error-_-404, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. Error-_-404

    Error-_-404 New Member

    I have seen many virtual Reality Devices such as: The Oculus rift/ sony headset, Avagant Glyph and more, but is this a ground breaking piece of tec?
  2. SquidTrooper

    SquidTrooper Active Member

    Well, remember it is nowhere near consumer ready. The hardware right now is bad, possible faulty. Just warning you.

    I can't really answer your question for you, as it is entirely opinion based. However I can help you out by laying out facts.

    OSVR is Open Sourced. This is a very important thing. Aside from creating apps, the hack-ability is endless. Nothing can't be done. It is for the same reason that Android is so popular. You can either contribute to the official build, or even make your own customised or tweaked system, share that system with your friends or have someone else's system. It could create a VR version of CyanogenMod.

    Oculus rift and Samsung gear VR (haven't heard much of Sony headset) are closer to being finished and hardware is much better. If you are using it for your own gaming and not for developing, or not interested in fancy operating systems, this is definitely the better way to go.

    It's all up to you in the end. I can't really say either one is better, hardware is a vital thing, but open source is also a very big step in development for virtual reality. Which one is more important is up to you. Choose wisely.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Error-_-404

    Error-_-404 New Member

    Thank you for clearing that up for me!
    Well a lot of gamers have not because it is not video game based. Its mainly used for media but has now swapped over to video games. I say that this is one very good competitor to the oculus rift because of its easy usage.

    Search it up its pretty cool
  4. meijixp

    meijixp New Member

    everyones working on the next virtual realty device. who will win this battle?
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