How to fix the problems from 2am with the end of the month sale

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jep_miner, Jan 13, 2015.

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  1. So it's now well known that razer really messed this one up from the code switching to the javascript heavy site buckling under the pressure and the lowass stock on everything (or not stock at all) and many are hoping that the end of the month sale is gonna be different but it probably isn't. the first thing they should probably try is what amazon did with their black friday deals, tell the people exactly how many of something are left and just have more stock because in my personal case although other peoples might be the same I had no clue if there were even gonna be any UK layout chromas at all to begin with and I never found out (so stayed up till 2am on trust) but if there weren't that's kinda a big issue not having the UK layout in the UK. the other problem people had (including me) is this: I don't know how this could be fixed but the fact the add to cart button wasn't loading is a massive problem as well, I have seen suggested that they should have had a duped html button but that probably wouldn't have helped which brings me to my next point. When the site gets under high load or is expected to be under high load just strip all the glitzy shit out it's not needed and it's hampering performance in situations like that (had the site load in mutilated ways so many times) and the last point is stagger the sales so people from all over the world aren't all slamming the site at the same time just stagger it by country (or timezone) so that it's say 8pm and lasts until 9pm everywhere as nothing would last that long anyway, that gives: a higher chance of getting what you want so you're not staying up till stupid hours for no reason, the website should theoretically be a lot more stable because only people from that timezone where it's currently on would have a reason to be there.

    So to recap:
    • better communication about stock leves, show a progress bar or something and hold some back until the sale starts (there were some uk layout chromas that went up on the store and 10am and were gone in seconds).
    • have more stock of stuff especially if it pertains to that region (mainly a keyboard point) AND hold it back I can't reiterate this enough.
    • strip the glitzy shit out of the site when it's not needed and everyone should be able to load it easier, if you've gone there for the sale chances are you just want to buy the damn thing not look at the fancy website causing loading problems
    • stagger the sales to where the distribution centers are so people aren't up till stupid o'clock just to get nothing, decrease load on the website and only have an hour long sale each time because of this as 24 hours is just dumb, anything worth having is gone in the first 5 seconds
    and before anyone says I'm salty just because I didn't get anything, yes I am because of all these problems (and the fact they had no stock of the thing I was after because they put it up over 10 hours before the sale.. really how could you be this dumb) hopefully the next one at the end of the month goes smoother with more stock and hopefully at least someone from razer looks at this thread and takes some of these ideas on board but also anyone else who posts here with more ideas to make this go smoother.

    Edit: and if you think these are ideas that razer should take onboard tweet this thread to them and Min-Liang Tan
  2. Slingy991

    Slingy991 New Member

    I totally agree, stayed up until 2 AM for nothing! Trying to get the UK layout Blackwidow chroma too and haven't once seen it in stock (unbelievably frustrating), so I think the indications for what stock is left is super important! Overall, it's just a shame it went so dreadfully in the end!
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  3. the UK layout was in stock for about 10 minutes or less at 10am gmt and it said limited units, why they put it up then is beyond me
  4. websoloQuartz573

    websoloQuartz573 New Member

    The one thing that bothered me the most was that I couldn't look at any of the threads, it just kept bringing me back to the code screen. Still the sale was nice in my opinion.
  5. Idbaryion

    Idbaryion New Member

    I actually had the website ready to buy the kraken 7.1 chroma, but when I pressed the "apply code" button @ 6:01 p.m. PST ( 2 a.m. here ) the code didn't work. When I tried to put the correct code the website instantly turned into a potato. It's SO unfair .

    I actually kept trying for 2 more hours, and when the site started working again EVERYTHING was out of stock lol.

    We basically need a lot more stuff in stock, but I'm not sure if Razer is willing to sell so many stuff @ half the normal price. Which is a bit contradictory because if they're really willing to do the sale ( which is awesome, and I shouldn't even be complaining about it, but I'm butthurt :[ ) they should have sufficient stock coverage for fans.

    There's no point in making a sale that lasts 24 hours if the products in stock last 2 minutes. If Razer knows that can't make everyone happy, then just make the sale last 1 or 2 hours, to make it quick and as painless as possible.

    Please make this right ASAP :'(

    P.S.: I love Razer, but please this is a worldwide sale. People that don't live in PST time zones are pretty much screwed, and have a enormous disadvantage because of the lack of stock.
  6. Arcanitte

    Arcanitte New Member

    They need to make sure their servers can handle such a high load of traffic before they tout this massive sale as well as they need to make sure they have product in stock. I was looking at getting an orbweaver (stealth or non) and a day before the sale even began it was out of stock (US). Also make sure that you turn off javascript buttons at least for the first few hours.
  7. 42566811000

    42566811000 Active Member

    I agree, plus the time the sale started is ok JUST for california, in EU, people stayed up till 3 am!!!
    In my country it was at 11pm! they should have made it start at 2pm PST, not 6pm
  8. uhh how can you read the stock numbers? that would be a real help for the EOM sale
  9. NeoCorvus

    NeoCorvus New Member

    If feasible, this could likely be a great solution.
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