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Which feature did you like most?

  1. Hyperflux charge

  2. Slot for PC components

  3. CHROMA lightning

  4. Wirebox

  5. Height adjustment

  6. Space for wheel and monitor installation

  7. Desk drawers

  8. Additional modules

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  1. SaintWinner

    SaintWinner Member

    I rethinked and redesigned this project and made a full and more structured description.
    Hope you'll like it :3
    Better to watch this demonstration video first

    6.png 1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png

    Am i the only one who hates wires?
    -"So go buy wireless mouse and keyboard"
    Oh, for sure i can buy them and doom to recharge them regulary or change batteries. Instead i chose something different, i chose the impossible, i chose....yeah, you know what i mean :)
    So, Project ALTAR is a Hyperflux PC desk-case with some extra bonuses ;) Let's discuss it's main features in detailes...

    #1 Hyperflux
    What do i mean by this? If you don't know about Razer Hyperflux you can read about it here: https://www.razerzone.com/gaming-mice/razer-mamba-hyperflux
    WIRELESS FREEDOM that is what ALTAR can give to you.
    The point is that the whole ALTAR's countertop is made in the same way Razer Firefly Hyperflux do. So you can place your Hyperflux mouse on the desk and it will begin to receive energy directly from the countertop.
    So why do we need the whole desk?
    Because Razer can create not only Hyperflux mouse but also keyboards such as BlackWidow as well as Orbweaver, Headphones (that can recharge from hyperflux headphone stand for example) and even speakers and microphones (Hyperflux Nommo Pro and Seiren maybe? with bluetooth connection for sound). And do not forget that smartphones nowadays can be charged wirelessly, so why not to charge your Galaxy, Iphone or....Razer Phone by just placing in on your ALTAR desk?

    #2 Desk-Case and CHROMA
    Less important but quiet impressive feature. I think you guys and girls do love PC setup's that are placed inside the desks. I mean when hardware is in front of you under the tempered glass.
    ALTAR has special slot for PC components where you can install them and of course it has built-in CHROMA lightning that will allows you to choose any color combination you like. Moreover ALTAR has CHROMA lightning in different parts, for example on legs and drawers as well. Feel free to orginize lightning in the way YOU want.
    In addition, PC slot may be convertible for Razer Core for example, so you can have Razer core inside your ALTAR, so you can just plug in your Razer Blade to meet the desktop graphics.
    Still not impressed? Well, okay...

    #3 Wirebox
    If we began to fight with wires, let's continue our battle!
    What for do we need wirebox? So, first of all ALTAR's wireless charging can't help you with not Tazer Hyperflux products, for example you may have printer, scanner, table lamp or old non-hyperflux peripherals.
    ALTAR still will help you in this case.
    Wirebox is a special big case at the back of the desk. Inside of it there is 8 (or less) built-in power sockets, yeah, forget about power strip. All wires from desktop equipment will flow smoothly into closed wirebox where they will be connected to electricity
    away from your sight.
    In the wirebox there are also wireholes that allow you to connect something directly to the computer in PC slot and it will be still hidden in wirebox.
    And of course on the front of the desk there are also several USB ports for flash drive or something else.

    #4 Height adjustment
    CHROMA allows you to make your ALTAR customizible. Height adjustment has the same aim.
    You can choose any height that will suite you. Sometimes it is not enought just to change height of your chair and it may be difficult to raise your desk higher or lower because of the wires connected to desk equipment. But in ALTAR we have features of point 1 and 3, so no problem with that.
    What is also important is HEALTH. We, gamers, rarely think about it but sometimes many of us i tired of sitting and want to at least stand for some time. And that is right, because doctors state that we need to take a breaks after a long sitting.
    So why not to switch you ALTAR desk to a standing position in order to play several matches standing? (Persuade your mom to buy HEALTHY PC desk ;) )

    #5 Ergonomics
    This Project designed to be ergonomical. It is not only comfortably for you to change height or to sit without obstacles to your legs.
    This is GAMING desk. So maybe you want to place gaming wheel on it? There is a place for clamping in front of the desk.
    Or you need to install monitor bracket? Again there is a place on the ALTAR's back with special hole for video wires (DisplayPort, HDMI...)

    #6 Roomy desk drawers
    It is not a super innovation....but it is convenient!
    Everyone needs a place to but his things there. Why not to keep them by you inside ALTAR's drawers?
    There can be also electronic lock installed with special CHROMA effects on opening and closing modes.

    #7 Additional modules
    People are different, the size of ALTAR can be enough for one person and too small for you. In this case you can always buy an extra module and attach it to your ALTAR desk, do not worry, it has special connectors, so all your modules will shine with all Razer CHROMA colors you want.
    A great variety of modules, usual ones, corner modules, with usual drawers or with large double-door ones.
    I guess there is no need to make them hyperflux as well, so they'll cost less than original ALTAR.
    I hope that you like my idea ;)
    That is NOT an official Razer Concept. I made it in order to offer this idea to guys from Razer.
    Only YOU can help me to make them notice this concept.

    And do not hesitate to give your ideas about this Project!
    Thanks a lot for your attention!! :3

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  2. ahlin941

    ahlin941 Member

    Holy... This is amazing!
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  3. Deadman2017

    Deadman2017 Active Member

    It's a very good idea and an amazing design. Good job on that video too it's very good and very informative. Job well done. I would like to have a desk like this but i am not sure about the cost of making and buying a desk like this.
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  4. hyvick

    hyvick Well-Known Member

    How would the power inputs to the desk be like? All that lighting, plus the desktop and the wireless charging contertop will need a lot of juice!
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  5. Chromakid1989

    Chromakid1989 Active Member

    Nice touch for a total Razer set up and make it mobile
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  6. EggsLeggs

    EggsLeggs Active Member

    That's soo good man
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  7. TRoas

    TRoas Member

    Amazing! Well done!!
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  8. SaintWinner

    SaintWinner Member

    Is it Razer community so friendly or my idea so awesome?
    Well, first point is true for sure :3
  9. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member

    Wow this looks sick, i've seen the Altar video before but combined with Razer chroma and gear works the best. All the features fit in just perfectly, tho i suppose if this will ever be released it will cost much like a new house lol. I love it, make sure you share your idea in this thread, and have CEO Min tagged to see it, maybe he'll like it and who knows what can happen next.
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  10. SaintWinner

    SaintWinner Member

    Speaking about price, i guess this is like the main disadvantage of my project :slightly_sad:
    PC desks with components slot and height adjustment cost about $2000 which is A LOT on the other hand there are few companies that produce them (like 1 or 2 companies) and they make a very large mark-up for their desks.

    Of course Razer is like a high-end peripheral manufacturer but still i believe that the price for such kind of a desk might be lower.

    The most expensive here is height adjustment, according to my assumptions Hyperflux charge should be less expensive than this point.

    Looks like Mr. Min-Liang Tan read my message in Facebook about this Project but he didn't write anything about it(
    So give me a little bit more of your love, adherents of the Razer cult and maybe he will. I hope...
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  11. DictatorShadow

    DictatorShadow Well-Known Member

    Wow that's an amazing concept design. But I feel like it would be very "niche" as in a small percent of people would want it, and a smaller percent would buy it.

    People hate wires, they're annoying, ugly, and they can be everywhere if you have an intense setup. The full wireless approach for hyperflux is cool. But there are problems. Here's my problems if you want to address them OP.
    1. Usability/flexability. While some (me included) use 1 type of peripheral. I think it's fair to say the majority of gamers use 1 or more type of product. It seems the most common setup is. A cheaper corsair keyboard, a deathadder, and some sort of big or extended mousepad. Which brings me to 2
    2. Mousepad. Razer obviously can get the charge through a Razer firefly, but could it work with thicker mousemats, or would there be a built in mousepad?
    3. Headphones. There are 2 ways they could work. They have the charge intakes on the front side, so when they're set down flat they charge. But I don't see it working in a headset stand.
    4. Information. Would every single device be on a wireless USB port, like how the Man O War is?
  12. SaintWinner

    SaintWinner Member

    Problems that you mentioned are really important and i thought about them too.
    First of all of course there is problem for people who use peripherals of different brands, in this case you are still able to use for example corsair keyboard with wire that you can hide inside the wire box, of course there is still a part of the wire on the top but the biggest part of it is still hidden.

    About mousepad, i thought that countertop of ALTAR can be made of some sort of cloth that mousepads use and maybe they can be changable. Like in Hyperflux Firefly you can switch between cloth and hard surface but here i mean the whole countertop. (And maybe it is more reasonable to give buyers a choise on the stage of purchase which surface to chose)

    Headphones, here can be different ways of charging them and this is for engineers to solve :D

    Information, i think that in this case you can plug in your wireless devices in hidden (inside the wirebox) USB ports just like Man O'War, yeah.

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  13. MysticCrit

    MysticCrit Active Member

    I NEED IT NOW!!!!!
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  14. MyNameIsToni

    MyNameIsToni Active Member

    I need one as well!
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  15. traxed

    traxed Well-Known Member

    I'm actually really intrigued by the hyperflux setup. This is actually really cool.
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  16. MyNameIsToni

    MyNameIsToni Active Member

    in all seriousness, adding more than just 'I need one".

    This is so freaking cool and awesome imo as a concept, even without even thinking about hte wireless stuff, since for some reason I can't imagine a way how that cnould be possible with all the differences/variables that can be effective irl on customer side.

    Considering only the possibilities of cable-management, desk-case and adjustability (I don't know if that's a real word), I would still buy one)
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  17. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Honestly, there are so many things I like in that desk I had to go with three of the options. lol

    My current desk is one of the, somewhat rare, IKEA desks that is actually solid wood. I chose it because I was able to choose which options I wanted and then not buy the rest. So, I have the main desk, a pull out L-shaped side desk and the hutch with shelving around the top and sides. I love my desk! However, if I could make changes I would want the adjustable height, yeah, sure, adjusting chairs works well enough, but then it puts your body out of alignment with the floor and can impede blood flow to the legs. Obviously, I love having choices for different modules to suit my own space and needs instead of "here's what it is, this is what you get" kind of situations. I also feel that cable management options should be standard in every desk, I hate seeing clutter and mess under my desks. I would love having slots for specific components as well, I think that just goes hand in hand with cable management and keeping things looking clean. Lastly, I think having chroma lighting is something fun and unique that allows people to customize their gaming space, and when you spend as much time as we do at our desks, that can feel important, we want to immerse ourselves in somewhere that feels totally ours and not generic. I also like the idea of drawers, but that's one of the last things on my wish list, I prefer shelving. I find that it's easier to keep shelves organized plus you can always see the contents for easier access without shuffling through and entire drawer to find one small piece.
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