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I got the Razer Tactical Backpack - AMA - Video Overview Inside!

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by radioSapGreenbase431, Dec 17, 2014.

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  1. With the coupon code that razer is giving out I was gonna get it and now after seeing your video and also getting your confirmation, I will definitely be getting one tomorrow! Thanks!
  2. Their out of stock... Damn... I was looking forward to getting one with the coupon code too..
  3. Bummer! I was hoping with the coupon they'd give people a chance to still order something and just wait for while it's out of stock.
  4. Hoangtran195

    Hoangtran195 Member

    I'm dying over here trying to figure out how to get one using the coupon. I wish Razer allowed us to order from different country and have it shipped over. If you know another way to get my hand on one of those bad boys, please let me know, I'd be really appreciated.
  5. I think the only options you'd have are to have a friend in a country they ship to you could trust to take delivery and send it to you, or to open up something like a PO BOX or something similar in a country they ship to, and then hopefully it be close enough in proximity to pick it up, or somehow get someone to forward deliveries to your other address? :3
  6. First time I saw the product I knew it was something I wanted. At the price point I wasn't sure. After seeing the review, though, this will be on my post-recovery Black Friday/Cyber Monday list!
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  7. Enzigurator

    Enzigurator New Member

    Also, after checking the store for my country, there are none available for purchase :slightly_sad:
    I am quite divided between buying another Naga mouse or a Kraken 7.1 Chroma ;_; Decisions, decisions!
  8. SevenD2

    SevenD2 New Member

    Wow, looks really nice. Though it would be nice if they made a classic version (i.e. with blue instead of green).
  9. reloader-1

    reloader-1 Well-Known Member

    For people in the US...

    I got mine at the same price as the sale. Here is what I did, without posting links:

    #1. Go to the #1 auction site in the US. There is a very trusted retailer, selling them for $117.99

    #2. Don't buy them from eBay. Go to that very trusted retailer's website (I've done business with them before), and sign up for their email list. 20% code immediately sent, and free shipping!

    #3. Purchase from retailer - total price, $95

    (Optional) #4. I used my AmEx card, which has an offer for $10 off any purchase at that retailer for any transaction over $50.

    My total cost with the retailer was $84, my total cost with the Razer sale would have been $85 ($79.98 + tax, as Razer charges tax to ship to me).
  10. diamondyab77

    diamondyab77 New Member

    Does the laptop pocket have padding on the bottom cause my current does not for the main storage part? I just got an Asus n550jk and I have to be careful when I set down my bag with it inside cause the bottom isn't padded and my Asus doesn't fit in the laptop pocket which is mostly for 14 inch laptops. So how's the laptop pocket section in the razer backpack?
  11. HokageHSD

    HokageHSD New Member

    So lucky man, I was trying to buy it during the appreciation sale, went out of stock
  12. Cadetbytebay777

    Cadetbytebay777 New Member

    There's what feels like a thin strip of sponge right at the bottom 'rim' so it'd probably be able to absorb slight impacts.
  13. Cadetbytebay777

    Cadetbytebay777 New Member

    After a few weeks with my Razer Tactical Bag, here're my findings.

    What are your opinions about it?
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  14. Yes, the laptop compartment is padded on the bottom :)
  15. Yeah totally not surprised, it's worth it at it's current price point, amazing deal @ 50% off for sure! Someone posted a tutorial on how to get it near the sale price through a different retailer, so take a look above!

    FATLARDO New Member

    Thanks for the review, was looking for one.
  17. SuperGeek

    SuperGeek New Member

  18. Thistleclubeasy694

    Thistleclubeasy694 New Member

    Looks good thanks for the review! I may have missed it in the comments but I wonder if it would fit the ASUS ROG series 17" laptops. The screen size is 17" but the structure is bigger and thicker than most and the width is an odd shape. Thanks! Hope you enjoy!
  19. Temuss

    Temuss New Member

    Thanks for the awesome post - I might just get one. I like the green interior as I find that with my black backpack I can't see things that have gravitated to the bottom. I also like that the chest strap seems to be placed a bit lower than my Targus -- I feel like it's trying to strangle me.
  20. YellowIVORYurban883

    YellowIVORYurban883 New Member

    Wow i'd like to have one *_*
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