I have more processes connected to Razer than I have keys on my keyboard

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by VinnieMorgan, Apr 20, 2017.

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  1. VinnieMorgan

    VinnieMorgan New Member

    So I just updated Razer Cortex. To my surprise (not really), I got more than I bargained for. Now I not only have Cortex, but also Razer Central, which I never asked for. Also, just take a look at my Task Manager.

    If anyone would be so kind to explain to me why is there such an obscene amount of processes, I'd be grateful. Also, I realize that Razer Central might just be the new Cortex, but then why do I still have Cortex aswell.

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  2. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    I can't explain the processes, but I can explain the Razer Central part.

    It seems like Razer Central is some sort of central platform for all Razer software. Razer Cortex is not Razer Central. Perhaps Razer Central is designed to handle all of our Razer software?

    I'd be quite concerned if you did have more processes connected to razer than keys on your keyboard...
  3. PlatinumC

    PlatinumC Active Member

    I thought that as well, maybe similar to GFE, but Synapse is still standalone only and Comms, so I call bullshit on that :).
    Probably a later feature though I guess, and I also hope that the processes can be unified together (don't care about saving on pc usage %, but more streamlined and less confusing for people would be good).
  4. VinnieMorgan

    VinnieMorgan New Member

    Well, it appears that my issue has resolved itself, by the power of some arcane mysteries. I'll admit, it could also just be the way my processes are displayed, since almost everything I have has more than one process connected to it: Chrome, Discord, OBS and even Steam are guilty of this.

    And it's fine if Razer Central acts as a platform and all, but don't install it without even telling me.
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