I'd like someone to make an "X-Box Certified" PC.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jorge1170x, Dec 22, 2018.

  1. jorge1170x

    jorge1170x New Member

    I think that Microsoft should allow their PC partners to make "X-Box compatible/certified" PC's. All they would have to do is make certain that "standardized" specs are met and customize the (mandatory) optical drive to read existing X-Box discs and play them natively. (any type of emulation layer for current gen games would be a deal-breaker). I know there would have to be special X-Box chips built-in and everything...but an X-Box is pretty much an (outdated) PC anyway, right? I do think this would sell very well as I really do sense a lot of young people wanting to jump into the "whole enchilada" PC experience, so being able to use their existing discs on said PC would ease the transition immensely. The otherwise-normal PC's could also be very subtle in appearance and therefore retain a high spouse/mother acceptance factor. This idea of PC standardization is not all that different than the "MSX" standard of the 80's (That MS itself pioneered). The only possible reason I see against this is cannibalization of dedicated console sales that would result.
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