[Idea] Chroma sync between peripherals

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lazz, Jan 30, 2017.

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  1. DrewLazz

    DrewLazz New Member

    So I'm looking at the Razer logo on my BW TE Chroma and the same logo on my Deathadder Chroma. I have them both set to breathe, and I'm thinking.. how cool would it be if the pulses were totally in sync with each other? Probably pretty easy to do in Synapse I'm guessing? I mean I already have the logo on the BW doing things totally independently of the rest of the board, so why not be able to sync it up to my mouse?
  2. Hey Lazz,

    You can sync up your Razer Chroma Breathing effect in Razer Synapse. Click on "Apply to other Chroma-enabled devices" in the lighting menu to satisfy your Razer Chroma OCD :)

  3. DrewLazz

    DrewLazz New Member

    Yeah, I see that option under the colour effect selection for the Deathadder, but not in the Chroma configurator for the BW.

    I've got several effects layered, and one of them is the breating effect cycling between two colours, but only applied to the Razer logo at the bottom of the board. That's the breathing effect I want to sync with the mouse, but I can't find any option under the effect in Configurator.

    Too bad too, it would look so, so sweet. Hell, I'd even just take the ability to assign more than one colour to the Razer logo on the mouse with the breathing effect, as you can do in the Chroma Configurator.
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