If Doomfist can be reworked into a tank, then so can Mei

Discussion in 'Overwatch Talk' started by seichi00, Apr 25, 2022.

  1. seichi00

    seichi00 New Member

    Her kit is already good as is in Overwatch 1 to be a tank. Just increase her size, give her 450HP, decrease the cooldown on her abilities, decrease her damage, and give her a passive that gives her extra health every time she freezes an enemy. Like 75 temporary health per frozen enemy or something along those lines. Or any passive that translates well to being able to absorb damage.
  2. Ferrari_Kie

    Ferrari_Kie Member

    Many people have wanted this actually. HOTS kind of tested it out as she is more of a front line hero in that game.
    I think the changes you suggested would make her TOO strong considering there will only be one tank in OW2 so that can be devastating to the enemy team as a whole.
    But I wouldnt mind seeing her in that role.

    Her freezing is also going to be gone in OW2 unfortunately and thats the only way i can play her :/
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