If you could only buy 1 Razer Product from CES 2015, what would it be?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vortek3, Jan 7, 2015.


Which Product? Why Comment Below

  1. Razer Nabu X

  2. Forge TV

  3. Razer Serval

  4. Razer Turret

  5. OSVR

  6. Literally Impossible

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  1. FrostyGunman

    FrostyGunman Active Member

    OSVR, for me by far the device with the most potential to be a game changer! I hope this thing takes off!
  2. SargeT

    SargeT New Member

    While the Turret is awesome, I definitely would want the Forge TV as the first thing!
  3. Flemtality-PC

    Flemtality-PC New Member

    Is that even a question? Turret. It's the game changer.
  4. MisterSlyer

    MisterSlyer New Member

    I really want that Forge TV. As someone who uses Nvidia Gamestream I want to see how Razer can accomplish something of equal or greater performance without having to use specific graphics cards. Plus, I mean if anyone can push android forward as realistic for gaming, it's gotta be Razer!
  5. Cylon

    Cylon New Member

    I want to get the Razer Chroma Stealth, but I also want to upgrade my mouse to the Ouroboros from the Tiapan. Can't decide -_-
  6. Neve99

    Neve99 New Member

    Forge TV. Great on the big screen...
  7. DLuke5853

    DLuke5853 New Member

    If I could only buy one, I'd definitely have to go with the Turret so I can use my PC on my TV and still sit back on the couch.
  8. dragonzpetex

    dragonzpetex Member

    Forge TV! nice awesome set up for my living room is definitely a dream come true for me. being able to enjoy time with family and friends and not all cramp up in my small gaming area..

    I'm so getting it if I have a chance.
  9. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Absolutely Forge TV - I'm willing to use a different table / peripherals to play, but to have the ability to play in the living room with the whole family there, that's worth it's weight in gold. :)
  10. If I had to choose one it'd be the razer nabu X. Among the other new items at CES 2015 this feels like it has a shot at being the top contender of its category whereas the other ones seem to have some tough competition from other makers that have been producing products of the same category.
  11. Aliazam

    Aliazam Member

    I'll go with Forge TV.
  12. Blurred4

    Blurred4 Member

    Razer turret! It would be awesome to sit on a sofà and play with mouse and keyboard. Plus its wireless.
  13. Stijnnl

    Stijnnl New Member

    I would go for the Forge TV because I want to have an easy and good working way to stream my PC games onto a big monitor into another room to play my games with big groups of friends
  14. Rc213

    Rc213 New Member

    Has to be the Nabu X, I've been exercising for 5 months straight and I want to see what stat tracking can tell me about my habits.
  15. Razer Serval and Razer forge. One cannot do without the other! (Razer Serval if I had to really pick one, since I do not have a TV yet, because Razer don't do them!)
  16. MadaraRazer

    MadaraRazer New Member

    Project Christine!! Project Christine!! all the way this need to happen and i really hope razer stays with it and makes this a reality!

    Keep it up Razer Team
  17. somanydynamos

    somanydynamos New Member

    Nabu X, always wanted a fitness tracker that looks cool ;)
  18. Clessiah

    Clessiah New Member

    If Turret has a touchpad or has a detachable mouse pad, I'll pick it up in a heartbeat.

    I like small keyboard. Razer has yet to offer such product. Orbweaver and Tartarus just don't quite cut it when I need to tell my teammates the exact reason of why they should shut up.
  19. armedsoulreaper

    armedsoulreaper New Member

    Forge TV as I looks great a close 2nd is OSVR but the forge just seems more practical for my house hold at the moment.
  20. Chemisery

    Chemisery New Member

    Forge TV, it seems like the logical next step in building gaming ecosystem.
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