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Insider Rewards page requiring logout

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PsiQss, Sep 15, 2017.

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  1. PsiQss

    PsiQss New Member


    I've noticed that this thing and it makes the "stay logged in" pretty much pointless. Be it on phone or on desktop PC, the rewards page keeps asking me to log out and back in because "my rewards session has expired". You'd think refreshing the page will help, but no. Closing the page and then reopening doesn't work either - I logged in to insider on my PC yesterday, and when opening it today, I received the same message - that my session has expired.
    Anyone else having this issue or is that something wrong with my PC / browser?
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  2. hasimo14

    hasimo14 Well-Known Member

    the "stay logged in" in the front is for the forum.... and the reward section "session has expired" is because it's connected to the zvault.... if you go to the zvault and leave it for awhile you will get the same message....
  3. PsiQss

    PsiQss New Member

    But why do I have to completely log out of the insider forums only to access the rewards page? If it's a separate thing, why doesn't it have a separate login screen? And if it's connected, why does it require me to relog.
    If the way it works now is an intended behavior, then the "stay logged in" seems completely useless to me :slightly_sad:
  4. hasimo14

    hasimo14 Well-Known Member

    well, maybe my explanation is not complete... so like i say the reward section is connected to the zvault right but it's also part of the forum to calculate your achievement at the forum.... till here hope you understand...
  5. MaximumBunny

    MaximumBunny Well-Known Member

    I think the issue is that Razer uses a global login across the platforms but different servers to manage different sets of data. Visiting the zvault site would give you no errors until you idled for some minutes and visiting the rewards section will always give an error based on forum login.

    Bad programming basically. All of the best companies make some kind of bad judgements in certain areas just because we're not allowed to have nice things in this universe. :D
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  6. Cpt_Disappointment

    Cpt_Disappointment Well-Known Member

    To get you used to logging in and out so you won't forget your password ? :big_grin_::big_grin_:
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  7. PsiQss

    PsiQss New Member

    I do understand. What I don't understand is the design decision behind the relog requirement.. I also have autologin on zVault so if that is tied to the rewards page, opening zVault and then refreshing the rewards page should theoretically refresh the rewards session, no? It doesn't.
    Most other pages, when the session expires, they log you out automatically. Every action you do on such page will automatically relog you if you have "stay logged in" selected. OR, if you only have your login credentials saved in browser, will take you back to login screen so you can just click the button and you're logged back in.

    Here though, you have to manually log out, which invalidates your "stay logged in" selection, and then you have to type the login and password manually. Which is tedious.
  8. hasimo14

    hasimo14 Well-Known Member

    then what you say about the design decision is already answered by this :
  9. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member

    I think, that it's not an issue, but some protection like banking accounts have. They also expire after some period of time (10 mins usually). So if you logon on zVault or Insider on some shared computer (or Internet cafes - if they still persist) - and you forgot to logout - session will expire.

    The only thing that doesn't work is when you login to zVault and then you go to rewards page on Insider - you have to still log out and login again, because session token is not shared between this two sites.
  10. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I never stay logged in, so I'll at least toss this out there - every single time I use the "Rewards" section of the forum it opens up and works flawlessly, I can always claim the zSilver without issues and I've never encountered any of the things that others have mentioned here.

    Mind you, I log out of **Everything** whenever I'm done with it. Insider, zVault, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, apps/games on my phone and tablet -- everything. I also clear all history/cache every single time I'm closing a browser. I can't stand the idea of little unnecessary tidbits of left over data taking up even the tiniest bit of memory/space on my devices. So, I'm quite happy just logging in to everything each and every time I use it, then logging out again and clearing it up afterwards.

    Anyway, personal preferences aside, I've never once encountered any of the issues with the zVault, the rewards page or anything else associated with Razer. Just sayin'.
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