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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Feb, Jul 27, 2015.

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  1. February_

    February_ Member

    In How i met your mother s6e12 false positive Barney gives away a ton of stuff to his friends, and in 19.29 of the video, something stands in the background that looks oddly similar to a Razer product. Barney loves Razer confirmed?
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  2. BillyHu

    BillyHu Member

    Picture? :D
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  3. Odesius

    Odesius Active Member

    I can confirm, can't upload a photo(on my phone and netflix won't let me screenshot)but there are a couple of razer products. I think a naga and tartarus.
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  4. SquidTrooper

    SquidTrooper Active Member

    "How I met your Razer gear confirmed?"

    UPDATE: Got the picture :D

    Sorry, for some reason my netflix wouldn't go HD, but you can definitely see that is a Razer logo
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  5. Cuttershy

    Cuttershy Active Member

    "How I met your Razer Gear" This need to be spin off show on Razers youtube channel xD
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  6. That picture is legen
    ...wait for it....
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  7. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    You can see Razer products in many other TV series as well. Two and a half men has Razer Electra, The Big Bang Theory has Razer Orca and many more. Looks like Razer has something to do with CBS.
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  8. February_

    February_ Member

    The Razer Conspiracy Theory is on its way
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  9. josuv22

    josuv22 Member

    didn't some of the CSi have them too
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  10. popbobtai

    popbobtai Member

    So Razer taking over the television. Lets do it!
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  11. jpants94

    jpants94 Active Member

    I always thought I saw a green pair of headphones in Big Bang Theory. They never kept the camera there long enough for me to take a closer look.
  12. SquidTrooper

    SquidTrooper Active Member

    "The Big Razer Theory"

    Coming as soon as Razer release the regular Nabu....

    so... never...
  13. popbobtai

    popbobtai Member

    Well the Nabu will eventually get released. It is behind closed doors right now and I bet they are making it better.
  14. Aarko

    Aarko New Member

    lol I remember seeing that too xD
  15. ninjastar6

    ninjastar6 Member

    The razer illuminati confirmed. Dun dun dun!!!!!!!
  16. Vivulux

    Vivulux Active Member

    On Conan O'Brien's Clueless Gamer (PC Horror Game Edition) he's using a Razer Blackwidow Ultimate. In the first minute of the video you'll see it a few times...

  17. Run_xD

    Run_xD New Member

    I remember seeing that, when I was addicted the hell to the show. I thought I was seeing things, I guess not c:
  18. Haksunen

    Haksunen Active Member

    I noticed this about month ago.. Blade 2012?

  19. SquidTrooper

    SquidTrooper Active Member

    Blade pro I think. Lot more obvious but still, good find.
  20. BaccaBoss2

    BaccaBoss2 Active Member

    Looks like the box for a DeathAdder and a box for the Ferox or something similar.

    Razer Will Take Over TV!
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