Meet the new Razer Leviathan Mini

Discussion in 'Audio' started by technokat, Dec 17, 2015.

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  1. 3ADPOT

    3ADPOT New Member

    $180?! Are you kidding? o_O
    I will add another twenty bucks and buy the normal, full-fledged Leviathan.:eek_:
    And if the Razer wants to release a portable speaker it would be better to partnership(like with the NZXT cases) with Damson(eg.Twist model).
  2. 3ADPOT

    3ADPOT New Member

    Absolutely agree.:clap: The cost is obviously overpriced. It looks at $50, but playing to $20.:confused_:
  3. skygunner27

    skygunner27 Active Member

    It's hardware.
  4. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    That's a strange hardware addition
  5. skygunner27

    skygunner27 Active Member

    I agree. I don't know why Razer did it. Other than that, it's perfect.
  6. Stevie_Eye

    Stevie_Eye Active Member

    Yea, the price is crazy on these my goodness... But I'll say that if the quality is worth the price I'll pay it no question asked! As a DJ, I'll back up Razer's audio department for sure. I have the in ear and over the head Adaros and they are by far the best headphones Iv'e ever owned for the price. Not to mention the Kraken Chroma for videogames. Also, Iv'e been dying for a portable speaker and then out of nowhere Razer comes out with one. I may take the plunge on this, they caught me at a weak point. Will report back. XD
  7. I think it's an awsome idea, but for almost the same price as the normal Leviathan I think it is just to expensive


    Mmm... pretty sure this is marketing thing... like buy a tiny one for 20 dolla less or get way better speakers with a sub and everything; and your gonna choose the better one cause it's just 20 dolla more and already spending like 180$ so 20$ ain't that much so just one big marketing strategy and hardcore Razer fans are gonna be like ima buy em both.

    I do like the NFC thing though but yeah for what your getting (assuming) not worth it because I can get better speaker for the price and for me the selling point is the NFC so assuming ima gonna buy 2 making the total cost 360$ and then I can really get some way, way, way better speakers for that much like 5.1 surround LO-GE-TIC.

    So for these speakers, I'm guessing your paying for the brand name mostly and new tech (NFC) also portability and I'm guessing again but this isn't like audiophile stuff like what AH-D-O EN-GIN does with there things and there bluetooth option. There are also cheaper alternatives to this even with NFC and portability (if I name companies ma posts aren't exactly following house rules) also ain't hater against Razer but just sayin they may have dropped the ball or they dropped something... maybe...

    Don't think I'd buy em.' doesn't seem too promising of an speaker of what other companies can offer. Doesn't look that great too me, just seems a bit boring like all black, kinda expected some of Chroma sorts like what X company did...
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2015
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  9. llLeftiyll

    llLeftiyll Member

    Not random it's awesome
  10. a82320

    a82320 Member

    Already have original is, the most great looking soundbar overall~ and one of the best i've used.
  11. ZeeKo

    ZeeKo New Member

    When will this product be released in Australia? I really have to see how these speaker performs and seeing by it's built, looks like it would be a good competitor against other portable speakers.
  12. KarmicSandwich

    KarmicSandwich Active Member

    Who would have thought that a leviathan could be adorable.
  13. klleee

    klleee Member

    Comparing to the leviathan, how is this better ?
  14. fionana97

    fionana97 New Member

    This speaker is awesome, the design and its form factor. Any idea when will it be launched in Asia region
  15. Inferno89

    Inferno89 New Member

    i dont need it, but i want it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
  16. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    Bose is superior in sound quality xD
  17. clong97

    clong97 Member

    I thought it was suppose to be cheaper than the old one by a lot but i guess I am wrong LOL
  18. ZeeKo

    ZeeKo New Member

    Has the official price come out for this speaker?
  19. Predator5

    Predator5 Well-Known Member

    Yes, a while ago. It's 180$.
  20. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    For those questioning the price, I assume it's for getting the same quality as the regular Leviathan in a much smaller package and without the separate sub-woofer, thus making it far more portable.

    I would never take my regular Leviathan with me on the go if I were leaving my house, that would be outrageously inconvenient, I actually have a Jawbone Jambox for that purpose. (a gift from my parents a little over a year ago, I get tons of use out of it!) However, my Leviathan sounds significantly better than my Jambox, if I could get that same sound in the smaller Leviathan, I might actually consider owning both and retiring my Jambox, or letting one of my kids have it. If the sound really is that good, then it's totally worth the cost.
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