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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kishore, Sep 23, 2015.

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    KISHOREKIS45 Member

    hi guys i am a great fan of razer and a huge fan of min liang tan..I am just wondering if there is any diehard fan for min liang tan..If there is someone please leave a name and why do you likehime down below....I am a huge fan of min i have a tattoo of his name on my right hand..And got a photo of him framed..If any of you guys have such things please post below

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    GTASANTT Member

    just a question, why not his name in chinese characters? isn't that more authentic?
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    KISHOREKIS45 Member

    I might have done it but i don't read chienese..Major reason is because i did have a idea that time
  4. Lafar

    Lafar Well-Known Member

    Damn... this is awesome...
    In case he hasn't seen it yet.. @Min-Liang Tan

    I keep a picture of Stalin (Pocket Stalin) in my phone case (with contact info on back). Maybe it's time I switch it out for a picture of Min.

    Why Stalin?
    Well, if times are tough, I take out that picture, then imagine the poor souls who lived in Russia under his rule. Then I realize how fortunate I am.

    Although I doubt anybody would return a phone if they saw a picture of Stalin stashed inside of the case. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  5. Menisahmaru

    Menisahmaru Member

    That is pretty hard core. I feel like I'd be somewhere between honored and concerned. Being famous seems hard :eek:
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    KISHOREKIS45 Member

    He sae it on twitter @min liang tan

    KISHOREKIS45 Member

    Thanks man
  8. ShamX0

    ShamX0 Active Member

    Whoa hardcore fan lol. Well everyone has thier idols. Hope people who don't know who he is call you mr. tan by looking at your tattoo. A razer logo tattoo would've been cool though.
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    KISHOREKIS45 Member

    it \\
    I like Razer but i love Min Liang tan..
  10. Lolzler

    Lolzler Member

    wow thats interesting i mean you like min liang tan more than razer itself?could you please elaborate? i am curious :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  11. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    uh... why not just the triskellion..... someones name is pretty intense.
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  12. goss343

    goss343 Member

    That's awesome.
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    KISHOREKIS45 Member

    yup..you know there is a difference between liking and loving..:):):)
  14. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I don't think I could tattoo a stranger's name on my body, it feels a little "stalker'ish" to me. LOL (I'm defining "stranger" as someone who I don't know well enough personally to ask their permission)

    Though I do find your devotion to be fascinating. Why did you choose @Min-Liang Tan as your idol?
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  15. link680

    link680 New Member

    I don't think I'm that big of a fan but I am a huge fan of what he has created and what he has made his company into and all the hard work he has put into the company to make it what it is today. Without him I would be sitting here with no keyboard and mouse LOL.
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    KISHOREKIS45 Member

    i like the way he interacts with his fans..And what a fucking growth in 15 years..
  17. Purelyluck87

    Purelyluck87 Active Member

    Salute to you man, no offense but I would rather tattoo a Razer logo than min liang tan name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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    KISHOREKIS45 Member

    yup that based on the person who wishes to tattoo
  19. Nik1628

    Nik1628 Member

    Cool Tatoo but think when you come old
  20. Zi1ux

    Zi1ux Member

    I would(prolly not) get a mini Razer logo tattoo on my wrist but too young D:
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