Mineral oil laptop?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by ThePromisedEnd, Mar 19, 2017.

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  1. m16007

    m16007 New Member

    I don't know much about this but would it be possible to make a mineral oil cooled laptop?
  2. What is mineral cooling? Is it like water cooling or so?
  3. Chris_Chong

    Chris_Chong Active Member

    it'll be too heavy and defeat the purpose of even having a laptop
    if you really want to just make a little pc in a fishtank or smth and have that running
  4. m16007

    m16007 New Member

    you can submerge PC parts in mineral oil

    did not think about that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:
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  5. Ugh, what? Submerging pc parts in oil? Won't that make the oil hot quickly? It's sounds kinda like frying your pc in oil :D
  6. m16007

    m16007 New Member

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  7. It's similar to water cooling.
    But I won't use oil/water cooling on a laptop unless its as thin as the vapor cooler of Razer Blade Pro.
    If you're interested, you may check the Asus ROG GX 7000 water cooled. It has an external water cooling radiator.
  8. mrsun87

    mrsun87 Active Member

    I think this is some next level cooling. I could imagine all the warranty would be voided by doing this.
  9. I don't understand one thing. Why people need such a powerful laptop? That leads to thermal and other issues. Why can't people work on desktop? I can't do all my works on my laptop. Not that it is not capable of it, but I don't feel comfortable working on laptop. A desktop is upgradable, efficient and more gives you more space to work. (Although that's how the idea of RBS and the Core came)
  10. DragoNate

    DragoNate Active Member

    My friend and I were talking about this a couple weeks ago. There's also a thing called "gel cooling" but it may be the same as this. In any case, I think it would honestly be quite expensive to do and for a laptop, you'd be removing the portability of it which kinda makes it pointless to do.
  11. GenTheIdiot

    GenTheIdiot Active Member

    You probably don't travel if you think this way. Laptops are fantastic for on-the-go work, I use one every day along with my desktop. For people who travel a lot, it's even better to be able to do most, if not all their work on their laptop. Think about the Lenovo thinkpad: It's supposed to be "space-proof" (I know I've confused a model here or there, but I remember this exists), so that astronauts can use it. Can't really lug a desktop into space, can you.
  12. I've got your point. But that doesn't work with me. I do have a laptop and I do work on it, but working on a desktop is much preferable.
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  13. JeremyLWK

    JeremyLWK Active Member

    Changing the oil for maintenance is gonna be one hell of a difficult job compared to blowing off dust :/
  14. koh1250

    koh1250 Active Member

    Are you contradicting yourself? You just posted that its cool to have a decked out laptop, now you are saying laptop are garbage?

    Technically, you can. As in they can, just that not so feasible. And why bring a desktop when you can bring a ThinkPad.
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  15. Pollychromacy

    Pollychromacy New Member

    Also consider that not everyone has the wallet to be able to afford BOTH a laptop and a desktop. From my personal experience, it seems as though it's more often laptop OR desktop, and they might not have the money to get a desktop with the raw power needed while still having the money to get a laptop for their "on the go" work, however basic it may be. So they gotta get the powerhouse laptop and ditch the desktop or they won't be able to get all their needs met
  16. If you're talking about the octa core idea, then I might have confused something.

    Let me clear myself.
    I don't want a Acer Predator 21 X (or something like that). It will barely last an hour on a single charge. It's heavy. And I don't need that much power on the go. This is the same idea of the RBS (and I'm saying this again and again).

    If I can put the laptop with an external GPU (that is the Razer Core), I can turn my laptop into a desktop (sort of). And I feel better to work on a desktop, so I have no complains there. That's why I said to put an octa core in the RBS.

    To be simple, I want a computer that can work, but not on-the-go. I would rather use a desktop. So I will put the RBS with the Core. Question is, why am I using the RBS instead of desktop? Because, I need a laptop too. Believe me, if there were no bottlenecking with the Core, it could be the perfect combination of all. It's also a reason why I said to put an octa core processor.

    They can put sunflower oil instead of water (or something like that) in the Blade Pro. Then when it will be hot, we can use it for cooking! :D
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