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Mouse and Keyboard or controller.

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by KeltonPlays, Jan 10, 2015.

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  1. Vicerj

    Vicerj New Member

    I also use both, but when I started playing FPS on PS3, I hated using DS3
  2. danmcsmith

    danmcsmith New Member

    Any possible ideas for the Nabu x as a controller?
  3. Hyperkind

    Hyperkind Member

    For me it will depend on the game. If it's a competitive FPS I'll go Keyboard and Mouse. Casual ill sometimes go controller. Right now I'm working on The Evil Within on PC using a controller.
  4. smurf009

    smurf009 New Member

    I prefer keyboard and mouse mainly because a lot of times the controller set up can be a bit sticky
  5. MyNamesEMurray

    MyNamesEMurray New Member

    It totally depends. I love the reactivity you get from a keyboard and mouse, where your raw input is transferred to your movement, but I also love the controller for being able to lean back and take it slowly, just casually gaming it up.
  6. Merehumes

    Merehumes New Member

    for me it depends on the game, Dark Souls, im goin controller, somethin like Risk of Rain, i prefer mouse and keyboard.
  7. This is extremely subjective... but for FPS I feel like there's more control for mouse and keyboard. But, for a racing game, mouse and keyboard is kinda dumb.
  8. joshp1111

    joshp1111 Member

    FPS you need keyboard, the use of macros and the way you move the mouse will set you with other players. a controller would make you fall behind
  9. JusFromStatefarm

    JusFromStatefarm New Member

    Same way I feel
  10. webVermilionbest979

    webVermilionbest979 New Member

    For fps, it's keyboard and mouse for me.
  11. Yakka

    Yakka New Member

    Its funny, i can't aim for poop if i'm using a controller. There were times i was playing the newer Tomb Raider, and would aim her bow with my mouse, just to get that headshot. I like the laid-back aspect of controllers, but precision is not there. or maybe i just suck at it. haha. either way, as many have said, FPS/TPS with mouse/keypad and platformers/adventure with gamepad.
  12. Squid2115

    Squid2115 New Member

    mouse and keyboard is my preference
  13. phwelo

    phwelo New Member

    Mouse and keyboard is way precise
  14. Alexk2468

    Alexk2468 Member

    Is there a way to use a keyboard and mouse on an xbox
  15. autoMaizex673

    autoMaizex673 New Member

    I agree with this completely. I find myself using keyboard and mouse sometimes, but then doing the same thing with a controller. I think I can get in a more comfortable position with my controller, so if I want to sit on the couch or sit far back from the monitor I use the controller.
  16. mobvekhar

    mobvekhar New Member

    I tend to go more with the Keyboard/mouse setup. For whatever reason I can move and aim better with those than with a controller. The only exception is with Flight Sim type games then I need either a controller of joystick of some kind.
  17. AndiNosler

    AndiNosler New Member

    FPS / RTS: Mouse + Keyboard
    Almost anything else: Controller
  18. Nickai

    Nickai New Member

    Depends which genre. For example, FPS games mouse and keyboard for sure. If im playing a fighting game like street fighter I will use an arcade stick, and for everything else a controller.
  19. JaketheInsider

    JaketheInsider New Member

    Me Too
  20. I bought my razer keyboard for 2.99 at goodwill!! Works great!
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