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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Makyura, Nov 4, 2016.

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  1. Makyura

    Makyura Member

    Hello everyone!

    I want to share my story with this community, as many of you are here to burn 3k $ or euros on Razer systems and I'd love them to make sure they do know what they are going through.

    I'm a proud owner of a late 2015 Razer Blade which is under warranty for a month more; many of you may have read already about pressure/heat marks appearing on the display with time, and some migth have experienced battery/AC problems as well.
    Well, I'm (un)lucky enough to have had both issues:
    - display began showing marks from the very begin, I didn't care enough at that time and I just started leaving it cool down before closing the lid as I found out that's the main reason for this to happen.
    - Since almost a month ago the notebook started going back and forth from battery mode to AC mode while playing games (Witcher 3 mostly) making my FPS jump as damn; I noticed the AC plug got broken somehow since by keeping it in place this issue stops (I carry it around using a Tactical Pro backpack and Razer Blade hardcase, so it shouldn't have been damaged by any outer action; most likely one more heat damage...)

    Well, I obviously contacted Razer Support and, after a few days of e-mailing I finally got issued a RMA and a shipping label: economy one.

    It took them 5 days to get the laptop (as I said, economy shipping), 10 days to work on it and, while they were about to send me the unit they noticed they had "forgotten" about the display issue.

    Really? Yes, really.

    I waited 10 more days since they didn't have any display in stock at EU support center and they then needed some time to install it.

    Fine, almost a month's gone, about 7-10% of my warranty period, okay.

    Yay! I just got the notebook this morning, was so happy; this long wait also killed my productivity as I use many softwares as I'm a space engineering student, but who cares? I had been told they swapped the whole MB and the whole display, I was gonna get an almost brand new laptop....Great!

    Or not.

    Here you can check the "proof" out:

    Not even one of the two issues has been fixed, something has also been used on the display and some of the anti-fingerprints coating is now gone, while I try to clean it with a professional notebook cleaner it clearly shows how the screen isn't completely hydrophobic anymore (it was just perfect before sending it in)..


    While I asked to get my unit replaced the Support guy just said "it's against their policies".

    I'm now waiting on a reply from their support manager, God knows how long more it will take... God, the time I've wasted...

    I won't comment on all of this as I just want you to KNOW how this company relates to his customers.
  2. Wow, I am so sorry for your experience.

    I just found out that Razer does not even have a phone system for customer support, only email. I placed an order before 11am on Wednesday, which meant the laptop should have shipped out on Wednesday, as they offer same day shipping on orders placed before 11am. There is no backorder or supply issues with the laptop, as I just confirmed, but the cannot tell me why my laptop has not shipped.

    Waiting 2-3 days for a reply email is crazy to me!
  3. rode_leeuw

    rode_leeuw Active Member

    I have 2 experiences with the razer support one great one less so.

    My razer kraken pro didn't work, i did some testing turnen out the splitter was broken, I email razer and not 1 week later i got a new one. Easy as that no problem.

    My razer Naga epic chroma didn't work, it stutterd and just stoppen for a few seconde, i contacted razer, they sent me instructions to clean it, so I did.

    It was still not working propery so razer suggested me to go to the retailer. Retailer basicly told me go fuck yourself no recept i won't even look at you. Well ok this wasn't razers fault is should have kent the receipt. But man the personal was unfriendly, they wouldn't even look in their purchase database, the purchase should be easy to find as they sold like only 10 of those mice...
  4. RiverDude1

    RiverDude1 New Member

    Ok so i purchased the Razer kraken 7.1 Chroma and when my snapsys prompts for the drivers to install it sais to check the internet connection, ive restarted my machine and the network is solid at 90down and 80 up whats the problem
  5. Makyura

    Makyura Member

    That's one more problem on their side... They take up to 3 days to reply from time to time, won't work on weekends and their direct chat (such as facebook) won't take care of your issues even if you are going through a huge problem.

    Once I told their FB guy I'd have posted in here and he forwarded the ticket and made someone take care of me quickly, but it happened only once; since then I just get told to contact their support.
  6. Razer.WolfPack

    Razer.WolfPack Administrator Staff Member

    Hey @Makyura sorry to hear about your experience with our Support Team, from what you described above this should not have been like that. Could you direct message me your case ID number so that I can look into this case for you? I'll be locking this thread now, so please get in touch with me via direct message.
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