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old, but new to me RBS 2016 (skylake) questions

Discussion in 'Systems' started by kiiinglouie, Aug 14, 2018.

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  1. kiiinglouie

    kiiinglouie New Member

    RBS 1st gen i7 6500u skylake, 8gb, 2xx ssd with a 1440p/touch screen, windows 10 home edition 1803. since i know i won't get any type of warranty and i can do repairs myself. is there anyway i can control the fans? i installed new thermal paste and the heat can still ramp up(will thermal throttle via XTU. cooling policy under power options is set to active from passive but can still heat up. synapse 2 doesn't have any type of fan control either(synapse 3 doesn't even let me control the keyboard lights). i under volted by -.090mV and disabled turbo boost via throttle stop. not planning on gaming or adding a razer core. speaking of the core, is it really needed to update the bios? ok...next question is there anymore support for the bios at all? seems i can't install the meltdown and spectre update from http://drivers.razersupport.com//in...ownload&downloaditemid=2857&nav=0,350,604,605 . i'm on bios 0.651, EC fw 0.62. i def love this form factor and the portability but the heat issue can become a big problem. i'll prob try and reapply thermal paste for now. any mods, tweaks or suggestions are more than welcomed
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