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Please add Project Treble oh wise Razer!!

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Kungpaoshizi, Nov 22, 2017.

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  1. Kungpaoshizi

    Kungpaoshizi Active Member

  2. sarmyth

    sarmyth New Member

    Treble support is the only thing holding me back! Been looking for a replacement for a 6P for awhile and this is it if Project Treble is supported. Having timely software updates for years to come is very important to many Nexus fanboys who have no interest in Pixels. Crack that riddle and you should open up a pent up market. Speaking of which, having a declared software update policy is also something I'd love to see.
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  3. Runnerxs

    Runnerxs New Member

    It would take a new partition system for treble to work, unless it's already there like the pixel. For me I am still waiting to see if treble is all it it supposed to be.
  4. log0n

    log0n Active Member

    Why Google doesn't make this mandatory for new phones I will never understand it benefits everyone except these manufacturers that seem to think your device is still theirs even though you purchased it.

    Personally I will never buy another android phone again after discovering what a utter $#!+ show the OS when I got my Nexus 6. While the garbage update system was just one of many reasons it still a reason. When Microsoft's software update system is better then yours you got an issue.
  5. thomasguide3

    thomasguide3 Member

    I think it is mandatory starting with Oreo, but they shipped the phone with nougat.
  6. Bruce_wayne8887

    Bruce_wayne8887 New Member

    The phone has an a/b partition, is that what treble uses?
  7. TheCrazyLex

    TheCrazyLex New Member

    The device has a vendor partition which is the requirement for Treble to be possible.
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  8. Bruce_wayne8887

    Bruce_wayne8887 New Member

    So your saying there's a chance :)
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