Proposition for some zSilver related tweaks now when P2P is being terminated

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zagi90, Feb 14, 2018.

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  1. zagi90

    zagi90 New Member

    Have to say i'm enjoying my Kraken Pro V2 for a few months now thanks to Razers P2P, and wanted to earn Lancehead too, but i'll be short for a few thousands when they terminate P2P... :slightly_sad:

    Think i'm not the only one when saying i'd like to get some kind of discount rates based on zSilver amount, only for bigger amounts like 50-100k zSilver's.

    BTW i'm absolutely up for making this idea a reality -
    "Why don't you limit it to true Razer fans who already have Razer gear (you can track via Synapse) and allow only existing customers of Razer to access Paid to Play? I'm sure you'll get a lot more positive/appreciative response?"

    Don't know who's the author of the idea, so please correct me if you have the info...
  2. .Surf.

    .Surf. Well-Known Member

    I like this idea, but if they do this what about the new joined members that don't have Razer gear and would like to? If they are tracking us via Synapse by the number of the Razer products we own, then the newcomers would not get a chance to be a part in it, so we should think at something beneficial for every member. I was more thinking of a daily login and activity reports here on Insider where everyone can get and like or post. Let's say we need to be active here for a few hours per day with a well provided afk system and get rewards based on that(just a thought).
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  3. gavriee

    gavriee Well-Known Member

    I don't necessarily agree on this but I don't disagree on it either: zSilver is essentially something given to members that can't necessarily afford to get gear for themselves, so to have the chance of getting Razer gear for free (aside from shipping) they'd use zSilver. Honestly this idea basically and completely defeats the point of zSilver. A rewards system for gamers. If Kraken Pro V2 is your only peripheral from Razer then you are part of the people that have not been affected by having to have 1 Razer gear to earn zSilver (if ever this happens) and you are also the ones benefitting from it. Forgive me for being cynical but a lot of people are suggesting ideas for them to earn zSilver (solely to them and probably a few others) without thinking how most people are affected. You have earned a Razer peripheral through zSilver without having to have 1 Razer gear so you should be thankful for it. If other people live up to this and are affected by this while you enjoy your Kraken Pro V2 and are still part of the program (should this ever happen) Just because you have gotten a Razer peripheral through their zSilver shouldn't entitle you to any discount, at least that completely defeats Razer zSilver point. It's being self-serving. I do get your point on how this will get positive remarks but this will also garner negative remarks.
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  4. zagi90

    zagi90 New Member

    Yeah i know it's tough to find a solution between "product ownership" and "activity only" because neither is perfect.
    I understand your point because from my experience, even i couldn't afford this headset if had to pay both product & shipping... It would be over 150E and that's a bit much for my current situation...
    On one hand this was a great opportunity for people (just like me) to get involved with Razer products, but sadly there will always be people who take unfair advantages out of those opportunities...
    I'm thinking if you have to purchase & register some product from the store first it would be kind of an award to be involved in P2P and i am sure that it would produce much less negative moves like reselling and so on... That's why i would go with it...

    You are absolutely right, anyone can call me a hypocrite (if thats the correct way to spell it) for that statement. It is easier for me to say something like that when i already redeemed a product, but i would absolutely understand if i discovered P2P is only for people who already have Razer equipment. Ofc i would be a bit sad that we "mortals" can't get a chance like that, but it should also be ok to award people who show some kind of trust and loyalty by buying your products... Shouldn't it? :)
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