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PUBG LAG caused by Razer Synapse?

Discussion in 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' started by shwrpwr, Mar 17, 2018.

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  1. shwrpwr

    shwrpwr New Member

    I recently got my self the Razer Deathadder Elite.
    PUBG was running fine before switching to my new mouse. My old one was a reddragon kumara.
    I noticed frequent network lags and rubber banding after switching to the new mouse.
    Checked internet, it was fine. My squadmates were playing fine. Switched back to my old mouse, everything was good but when i switched back to the deathadder, the game just kept glitching and stopping.
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    MS_OLDHORSE Well-Known Member

    all the "dps manage"/ "ram manage"/ "cpu control" (cortex in example) kind of software will sure make your computer slower.
    and razer synpnase create more thing for ur pc to do.
  3. shwrpwr

    shwrpwr New Member

    im on an i7 8700k. i doubt it has anything to do with other hardware.
  4. BananaMatt

    BananaMatt New Member

    Possibly could be synapse,I would recommend trying to close synapse completely (press the arrow pointing up on the right of your taskbar, right-click the Synapse icon, close Razer Synapse), and see if that fixes it.

    By the way, it could be to do with compatibility with your Motherboard, may I ask what Mobo you have?
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