(Question)Can I somehow get purchase receipt ?

Discussion in 'Audio' started by dinevnikolay9, May 26, 2017.


Can I return a product without a receipt ?

  1. Yes ,you can.

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  2. No,you can't.

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  1. dinevnikolay9

    dinevnikolay9 New Member

    Can I somehow get purchase receipt since I don't have the email Razer sent me a year ago ? There is no purchase history also in the website.I bought headset a year ago but I have problems with it and it is still has warranty,but I can't find the receipt.Thank you in advance
  2. Katana_x_II7

    Katana_x_II7 Well-Known Member

    If you sign into your account on Razerzone, you should be able to go to your orders and then view all of your orders. That order number should be enough for the proof of purchase.
  3. dinevnikolay9

    dinevnikolay9 New Member

    the think is that it doesn't show there.I think I might have purchased as a guest / or other e-mail ( which I don't remember).

    I checked about the e-mails.I haven't used another I've logged as a guest (since there is no order history).

    Or either the history and the information are both erased.
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