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Quick Sila thoughts

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Subrandom, Dec 23, 2018.

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  1. Subrandom

    Subrandom New Member

    I bought a Sila when it became available, because my quite old Apple AirPort Extreme was starting to flake.

    I'm a little disappointed.

    As far as speed goes, I don't see a particular improvement over my AirPort. Maybe my demands just are not high enough to where the AirPort would start choking and the Sila would shine.

    The software is pretty disappointing for me. It doesn't support Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) or AOSS so things like my printers had to be manually added using their crappy little built-in interfaces.

    You can create multiple (2) guest networks, which is nice. But you can't manage those networks in any way.

    For instance, I want to create a separate network for my iOT and home automation devices. These all run on 2.4ghz only, and they can get finicky on mixed-mode networks. I planned to use one of the guest networks for this. Of course, I wanted those devices to be controllable from my main network, which would mean passing some traffic between the guest/iOT network and the main network.

    But I can't do that. I cannot create a 2.4ghz only guest network. I cannot configure the router to pass traffic from guest to main even with firewall/port forwarding rules.

    The unit is minimalist and good looking. The reliability has been excellent. The speed is excellent (even if it doesn't seem any better than my AirPort). But the lack of configurability makes me regret the purchase. I will probably end up selling and replacing it.

    At $249 for a single router (and $249 for each additional unit if you need a mesh system), Sila is pricey. I recommend seriously considering any other major brand over this router, unless you:
    1. Only need one
    2. Don't need to do anything beyond basic configuration
    3. Don't have a need for WPS or AOSS.

    In that case, this is a fine choice.
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