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Razer Blade 2016 GTX 1060 (Benchmarks)

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Oct 9, 2016.

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  1. pchater

    pchater New Member

    How easy is it to upgrade the ssd? and can i use any nvme ssd?
  2. LaPetiteTortue

    LaPetiteTortue New Member

    Hi guys, i just got my new razer blade from RMA i run a couple of test and i ended up with a score of 3534 on time spy 3D mark with my 1060 at 20 fps on average without OC. I think it's not normal. All the setting are turned into performance ?
  3. rickyipcw

    rickyipcw New Member

    I'm getting 9500+ in FS after +150/+200 overclocking and have EC patched. (Before was 9100.) The temp stays almost the same, but the gaming experience has been way better than before that I didn't expect it. Before, there were random stutters everywhere. Although the FPS was 50+ according to the counter, it felt like below 30 sometimes. Now it is buttery smooth, with most games flat 60fps vsync at Nvidia recommended settings. Maybe, Razer screwed up the default config on the early systems, causing performance drops out of the box.

    I think Razer urgently needs to give an official guide for people to tweak their Blade if affected, since the initial performance of some of the early machines are way below expectation, as I can see in this forum.
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  4. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    thanks chhappy 7 for the info about the charger. Since fer.geraci has tried the 180w adapter and it doesn´t draw any more power even after the EC4, it is kind pointless then.
    Thanks for the info guys.
  5. vistar

    vistar Active Member

    I installed yesterday the 512gb Samsung 950 pro from another machine, since the 256gb PM951 that came with the RB is small for me and somewhat slower, especially in write speeds. Interesting though that after doing a clean install and using just the windows that were installed my firestrike score went up a bit to 9239 from 9150. But after updating intel driver and nvidia driver...it went back to 9180 range. I do have Geforce Experience installed, forgot to unclick it when installing the driver, does it actually any difference?
  6. Understood, thanks for your reply!
    I'm quite new to gaming laptops so I didn't know gaming laptops usually drain the internal battery while under full load but it makes sense.
  7. Sindoras

    Sindoras Member

    So a little update to the battery.
    I had this problem where sometimes i would get 5-6 hours of battery life then suddenly only 3 hours and switching.
    I installed Batteryinfoview to check my discharge rate and monitored a few days what was going on.

    The thing that helped the most was downloading the Intel driver utility thing, that updates all the drivers for you. Even though it said it is going to install an older driver than my current i said okay.
    My discharge rate after the reboot was phenomenal. In energy saver mode with half brightness and keyboard lighting on the lowest it is arround -9.861 mw. Which means i would get fkin 7 to 8 hours battery life while opera open and browsing.


    this is the programm i mean ;)
    good luck
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  8. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    If it only drops to 97-98% it's not the gaming. Windows won't let the battery charge part 100%. To prevent damage, it drops a little, then gets back to 100%.

    However someone mentioned that his battery was dropping close to 90% when gaming (and plugged in). That's not normal.
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  9. LaPetiteTortue

    LaPetiteTortue New Member

    @rickyipcw i also have exaclty the same result on firestrike. How people reach 9700 ? One guy reached 9300 with no OC.
  10. My laptop during gaming sessions drops to 95% if the session is long but it starts recharging once under 95% and usually the percentage goes up instead of down.
  11. mrgylex

    mrgylex New Member

    I've had my Blade for about a month. When I update to the latest intel and nvidia graphics drivers I start getting crazy screen flickering. When I revert back to the original drivers (on Razer website) the display works fine. Unfortunately, Windows has a knack for automatically updating to the latest intel graphics drivers so upon auto-update I continue to get the screen flickers.

    I had to stop Windows auto-updates and things are fine but this isn't ideal since I need updates. Anyone else?
  12. Wisermerill

    Wisermerill New Member

  13. MoRT489

    MoRT489 New Member

    Have you noticed much difference in real world usage from changing the SSD?
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  14. rickyipcw

    rickyipcw New Member

    9600 in FS seems to be the median of 1060 notebooks according to NotebookCheck. Some might have higher scores because of silicon lottery. There exists a reasonable performance difference between each chip. Some just happened to be better at overclocking or boosted clock.
  15. The 1TB Razer Blade FHD is backordered. I know I need more space than 512. How easy is it to upgrade the hard drive? I have above average experience in Desktop building and not as much experience with laptop internals but I have swapped out drives before.

    Is it easy enough to do the swap? or should I just wait? Also, if I do swap out the SSD where do I get the OS to reinstall? Do I make a backup thumb drive? Not sure what the standard way of doing that is.
  16. rou6e

    rou6e New Member

    Got mine today, will post bench soon.

    I am very disapointed by my external screen problem :

    - I can't output video throught TB3 > DP adaptor, no signal on my 144hz external monitor (predator xb27hbu). Laptop doesn't "see" the screen.

    - Only HDMI output works with my screen. So 60hz max on a 144hz screen is a shame..

    - Seems to be it's impossible to have GSYNC on blade 2016 without "Core". I was
    innocently thought that it was, but due to "optimus", it can't be. Poor me :-/
  17. Badgertista

    Badgertista Well-Known Member

    EDIT : ALWAYS disconnect the battery before replacing anything on a laptop

    - Replacing the M.2 drive is as easy as replacing a RAM stick (from the pictures I saw from the late 2016 model, there's no cable passing over the M.2 drive)
    - You can download the official Windows 10 Home ISO from MS (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10/) and use their tool to create the USB boot drive. You shouldn't need to enter a product key as it is already registered with the motherboard
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  18. Hey thanks for the quick reply!

    So do you think it is worth it to get the 512GB version from MS and get a 850 Evo off amazon for 300?

    It ends up around the same price as the 1TB, would it be as good? does it void any warranty from MS Store?
  19. KeyLimefreshcast286

    KeyLimefreshcast286 New Member

    how to upgrade ssd here...i think this guy upgraded the ssd on his stealth but the process is the same and very detailed https://insider.razerzone.com/index.php?threads/razer-blade-stealth-upgradable-ssd.11124/page-2

    you can also purchase a usb stick from razer to restore the new SSD just like factory specs. im going to do the same when my warranty runs out.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2016
  20. MoRT489

    MoRT489 New Member

    Bear in mind it does void the warranty.
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