Razer blade 2016 ideas suggestions improvements that need to be made

Discussion in 'Systems' started by DJSilentninja, Feb 17, 2015.

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  1. Cowprince

    Cowprince Member

    Underlined things that are most important to me. A few of these things I think are pretty obvious.

    Things I want to see:
    • Similar casing to the existing Razer Blade or thinner
    • Quad core CPU of some flavor
    • At least 16gig of RAM (this is my biggest draw back on the Blade Stealth)
    • nvme SSD like the Samsung 950 pro
    • Two screen resolution options (I personally don't need higher than a 1440 screen on a 14" laptop unless you can tell me the power draw wouldn't be a fair bit more)
    • Type-C charging so it can leverage the Razer Core for charging
    • A touch pad as good as a Macbook Pro's
    • Chroma (I can't imagine we won't see this)
    • Solid single dedicated GPU
    • OLED
    • Thunderbolt 3 with support for connecting to the Razer Core (maybe with the possibility of using two TB3 paths for additional bandwidth if that's seen as a bottleneck at some point)
    • A battery with at least 70Wh if not more

    Things I don't want to see:
    • SLI (I'd rather not have that additional heat or power draw or video flakiness)
    • Touch screen nonsense (no reason for a touch screen if it's not a 2-in-1, also don't make it a 2-in-1, if you do that make another laptop)
    • Optical disk (I can't see this coming back)
    • Ethernet jack (suck it up and get a TB3 dongle or dock it to the Razer Core, actually there's an accessory for Razer to sell for more $)
    • VGA, DVI, mini/micro/full HDMI, full sized DisplayPort (stick to TB3 or miniDP for video this isn't stick only to the year 2015+)

    What is my dream laptop?
    Essentially the casing, battery and touch pad of a Macbook Pro 13 Retina.
    The OLED display from one of the new Lenovo laptops.
    Razer Core eGPU capability.
    Type-C charging.
    Quad core CPU.
    16GB of RAM
    2-3 Thunderbolt 3 ports.
    Stand alone GPU.
    With internet browsing battery life of up to at least 7hrs.
    And without any of the legacy connectivity nonsense.
  2. byteFlirtinteractive386

    byteFlirtinteractive386 Active Member

    I think I'd be ok if they took the existing unit and simply added a usb-c / tb3 port for core capabilities and a skylake cpu, prolly buy one right now..
  3. IloveRazer42_no_id

    IloveRazer42_no_id New Member

    Actually it seems Pascal will be incredibly better for heat and battery :3 So I guess it's better to wait for that.

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  4. If they put a quad core cpu with iris igpu, thunderbolt 3 for the core docking station, and a huge battery life that would be perfect for me. When I am at class I have no need for a powerful dedicated graphics card, just a really long battery life. An OLED screen would be nice as long as it doesn't jack the price up (and dont they use less power?). I think that laptops dont need to get any slimmer, I would definitely be willing to trade thickness for batter life.
  5. IloveRazer42_no_id

    IloveRazer42_no_id New Member

    This ^

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  6. PastelGraywatchsharp937

    PastelGraywatchsharp937 Active Member

    Well, then you don't need a gaming laptop. I mean, that's what the Razer Blade is. It's a thin gaming laptop. It has a good GPU and not great battery life. Why would Razer take away its only strength, the GPU?
  7. retroammoGreenSheen022

    retroammoGreenSheen022 Active Member

    that's too much to ask. SLI for a notebook and mech switches. laptop will be very bulky for that. maybe a 4k display. HDMI port 16gb ram will be good as well. but for the cooling system. I think most of the laptops is having that kind of problem specially with the specs of Razer blade. I guess a 3rd party cooling pad will help to dissipate the heat.
  8. Brastic

    Brastic Active Member

    I do not understand why having the dGPU affects the battery life. When they are not being used, they are turned off. As in zero amps. It is only when you need them, does the system turn them on. I am all about the longer battery life. Most of my usage is in a browser or coding. Both of these task do not use a dGPU. It is only when I want to edit videos or play a game that the dGPU is turned on. At those times, the dGPU makes a huge difference.

    To put it a different way, the comment about wanting a 4 core CPU and no dGPU for the sake of power saving conflict with each other. If you really want power saving, than the dual core will make more sense. Now since you only use the cores when needed, it is not like you are running all 4 cores all the time. You only need the 4 cores when you need more performance. That moment of performance demand, you will need the dGPU also.
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  9. dirtydeeds98

    dirtydeeds98 New Member

    They need to reduce the bezel big time. I finally saw the Stealth at the Microsoft store and the laptop is great but that bezel is way to big. I hope they improve that for the 2016 Blade. Use the Macbook Pro or Surface Pro as an example or go smaller. The XPS bezel is to big on the bottom which doesn't look good imo. Also remove the branding on the bottom of the bezel, it is not needed.
  10. Razer Core compablity would be nice also a touchscreen and a frosted glass touch pad would be cool as well. The touchpad button could be the same switches found in mice.
    also we neeeeed better fans and battery on this thing c,mon razer get to it!
  11. Screen quality or bezel size? Though looking into the future, both are likely to happen together in harmony :)

  12. dirtydeeds98

    dirtydeeds98 New Member

  13. TheRealtBags

    TheRealtBags New Member

    For 2016 I would suggest they make replacement parts available to the pubic for their systems that are out of warranty. They currently force you to send in the laptops for an evaluation. I can't pay for something I don't need. Besides postage (to Razer & back) they charge you a minimum $100.00 USD for an evaluation. I don't need an evaluation... I just need a replacement battery. for a Razer Blade Pro 17". I don't want anything for free. I will pay and even send back the old one if needed. I LOVE Razer products. I don't like their policies. They need some change.
  14. HFCandeias

    HFCandeias Member

    I totally agree with you :cool_:... I Want to Buy the RB2016, but RB2016 is not available in Europe and there is no Portuguese Layout Keyboard... :confused_:

    I know the topic are "old" but i have to remember Razer for that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  15. I only want 2 things - Smaller bezel on the screen Plus a black out option on the Razer logo.
  16. Neutrinos

    Neutrinos Active Member

    Smaller bezels means less color accuracy and more back light bleeding. As for black logo why wouldn't you want it green? If it is that bad for you just put a sticker over it.
  17. I actually agree with you on the bezel thingy but lets make the logo a Chroma Logo instead, are you with me? lol
  18. Neutrinos

    Neutrinos Active Member

    Yea chroma would be better, but it would make the screen a tiny bit thicker... I think the current logo works by using the screen's back light through green plastic to light up the logo.
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