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Discussion in 'Systems' started by Razer.WolfPack, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. kr4zyy

    kr4zyy Member

    I love black colors on white colors! It just looks really minimal and clean
  2. ajoburegad

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  3. HooliganZ

    HooliganZ New Member

    Well my Razer Blade 15 arrived yesterday ahead of schedule, which I was very happy about. However, that happiness dropped a notch when I booted up the laptop, and then later tested it on some games.

    Firstly, Windows 10 setup hung for like an hour, until I hard shutdown, disconnected the mouse and WiFi, then it managed to proceed. I think that was more of a Windows problem than Razer’s.

    Then I tested it on Witcher 3 and Destiny 2 and that’s where the main concern comes in. The cutscenes stutter and choke, as if I am running on an old machine made in 1990s, to the point of being unwatchable. I had to skip the cutscenes and lost most of the plot to get on with the game.

    Thankfully, the stuttering stopped once I got into the actual gameplay, and it was smooth as butter on Destiny 2. Witcher 3 required more juice and the heat started to build up over the keys and the area where the palm is. I used Balanced mode and somehow the fans did not seem to kick in, so I manually switched the fans on to around 4700. Beyond 5000 the fans sound a bit scary to me.

    So all in all, I am happy with the laptop, but I will need more time to resolve the stuttering issues. Have yet to test it on HD movies. I am crossing my fingers that updating the drivers will help. I am also thinking of undervolting the CPU to help with the heat.

    Anyone with suggestions? Will be much appreciated. Thanks!

    [Update] Subsequent to this post, I found a post on the Bungie’s forum regarding Destiny 2, that the issue is with the frame rate for FMV used for cutscenes. The resolution is to set the frame rate of Destiny 2 to be adaptive or OFF for V-Sync via the nVidia game profile. This seems to work!
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  4. xpsykongroo

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    love the midle one's color very nice choice!!!
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  5. Diel87

    Diel87 Member

    Hi everyone !

    Is there a release date for the model mercury white in France or Europe ?

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    EarLChieL Member

    looks so GREAT . OMG
  7. bayTangoPinkgeo881

    bayTangoPinkgeo881 New Member

    nice not bad
  8. Joikansai

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    No atm, It’s limited edition in North America and China regions only. Hope they’ll bring it to more region and adding 3 colors options in the future for Blade system, Dark Black, Mercury and Gunmetal.
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  10. Shi_No_Kyofu

    Shi_No_Kyofu New Member

    truth be told it is nice indeed, but the price it's WAY outta my league.
    do please enyoit whoever buy it
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