Razer Blade Stealth + Core + GTX1080 = VR Issues

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Carac, Jun 23, 2016.

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  1. Amazonupsolo725

    Amazonupsolo725 New Member

    I've had my 1080 for a little over a week now and have made some observations while using my HTC Vive with it in the Core.

    Something about the way the Core works with the Stealth (USB-C) means the system is unable to maintain a stable enough framerate for a comfortable experience on the Vive. Framerate stuttering is nausea inducing and borderline dangerous in VR. I knew from some video reviews that there is a slight performance hit with the Core so I put the 1080 in it instead of my desktop where I'm running a 980 Ti that has never dropped a frame with either the Vive or the Rift. Even with the performance hit using the Core, the 1080 should perform even better than the 980 Ti, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

    I had hoped after seeing Razer employees showing off the rift to Tested and explicitly stating that VR would work fine that I would be able to more easily move a PC into a room where I have enough space for Room Scale VR without having to lug around my Corsair 900D case into another room.

    Just wondering if anyone else has tried it and can confirm my experience is not an isolated incident.
  2. Praxis123

    Praxis123 New Member

    From my understanding it isn't necessarly the USB C causing the issue it's the fact that the stealth uses a 6500U processor instead of a 6700HQ the main difference being the additional cores on the 6700HQ helping with physics more then the 6500U can. I have had this worry as well I just recently purchased a core I think I am going to save up for the full Razer blade instead of the stealth.
  3. Amazonupsolo725

    Amazonupsolo725 New Member

    Hope someone tests it out soon and reports. If that's the case I might sell the Stealth and buy a Blade, but I want to confirm that's the issue before I do.
  4. qwertzy

    qwertzy Active Member

    How is the 980ti working in the core?
  5. Amazonupsolo725

    Amazonupsolo725 New Member

    The 980 Ti worked great when I tried it (felt like there was less "hitching" than the 1080), I'm probably going to try it in the core also, just to rule out something funky with drivers in the 1080 just not being as mature (The 1080 is still not technically on the "supported" list for the Core yet.). I also had a GTX780 lying around (which isn't on the compatible list) and got it to work once via changing priority order of the USB but never got it to work again after a reboot.
  6. Razer|Wit_xf_rzr

    Razer|Wit_xf_rzr Systems Team Staff Member

    Please check what background processes are running on your Stealth. The CPU on the Blade Stealth can be a limiting factor in VR, not the Thunderbolt connection to the GPU.
    To be sure, you can connect an external monitor to the dock directly and disable the laptop display. This improves the throughput over the Thunderbolt connection significantly.

    Also, not duplicating the VR content on the screen on laptop can help.
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    Well, when I got and used my HTC Vive it was slow and stuttered a lot but it wasn't hardware at all, more of software... double check or triple check that you got all the software updated
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  8. Razer|Wit_xf_rzr

    Razer|Wit_xf_rzr Systems Team Staff Member

    Good point about checking software.

    As for "disabling the laptop display", I mean that once an external monitor is plugged into the graphics card on the dock, use display setting to make the external display the primary one and only display to that one.
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  9. Praxis123

    Praxis123 New Member

    Razer|Wit have you guys done internal testing on the stealth and the Vive. I would really like to ise a stealth over a full size blade but I am concerned about the CPU being the limiting factor.
  10. Razer|Wit_xf_rzr

    Razer|Wit_xf_rzr Systems Team Staff Member

    My notes above describe the scenarios in which there can be hitching. With all background processes operating within reason, there are no performance issues.
  11. Praxis123

    Praxis123 New Member

    How much of a performance hit is displaying the graphics on an laptop screen. I want to use this setup to demo the vive to friends, in that situation I would want to display the graphics on the laptop screen while they were using the vive. Should I just not even try that and go with the full size blade in that setup, or is the performance hit negligible?
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