Razer blade stealth: power bank charging issues.

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Flugbone, May 17, 2018.

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  1. Flugbone

    Flugbone New Member

    Hey, so to start I have had my blade for a while and I love it, the biggest problem I have had is it's terrible battery life. I can pull 4 hours if I only have like one tab of edge open. Its ridiculous. So I wanted a portable battery bank to charge it. But the razer power bank is only 12,000 mah and its $140. So I have been looking for other options, I found the imuto power bank: (I chose this one because it was light, I know I could find a heavier more powerful one.)
    it has power delivery 2.0 at 20v 2.25 amps (45 watts) which is what the blade runs at. I have also bought a compatible usb type c cable with power delivery:
    but when I plug it in I hear the usb sound like when you plug in a flash drive. How do I solve this? I have checked and the battery bank charges my phone over usb type a and a Nintendo switch over type C.
    Does razer have a proprietary control over what power bank you can use?
    Is there a fix so that I can use this power bank?
    I have not seen a lot of threads about the stealth and power banks, so I feel like I'm treading in new territory.
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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I don’t have other laptop power bank beside Razer Power Bank but I saw poeple said that with PD 2.0 it didn’t work you have to use PD 3.0 one, since Razer use Quick Charger 3.0 (don’t really understand QC and PD difference though) on Razer Power Bank, not quite sure if it’s true.
  3. AssembIer

    AssembIer Active Member

    "Quick Charge 3.0" is Qualcomms 3rd generation of fast charging, that has nothing to do with PD over USB-C / TB. And PD 3.0 is just a extension to 2.0 and fully backwards compatible, at least in theory.

    I would get a regular TB3 cable (f.e. from Belkin) and try it with that.
  4. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I thought the same thing, but on Razer subreddit poeple claimed that PD 2.0 couldn’t work to power his stealth and with PD 3.0 could, unfortunately i couldn’t find the thread, i don’t have also PB to test. You don’t have to use TB3 cable for charging though, that I can test, with normal USB C cable I can power the stealth.
  5. AssembIer

    AssembIer Active Member

    Yeah, but the cable he bought is just a charging cable with USB-C, stripped down data connection (USB2) and no video output. While that works with regular USB-C devices, the TB3 controller might not detect it as such.

    That's why he should try a fully fledged USB-C / TB3 cable first, before we can declare it not compatible :smile_:
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