Razer Chroma Apps may cause games to crash on launch

Discussion in 'Overwatch Talk' started by Razer|Quis, Apr 30, 2017.

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  1. RazerQuis

    RazerQuis Team Chroma Staff Member

    Recently we’ve been alerted of an issue with Razer Chroma App enabled games to crash on launch. This causes issues in games such as Overwatch, Battlerite, and Shadow Warrior 2 – the main cause of the crash is disabling the last Chroma App in your Apps List.

    We’re currently rushing to release a bug fix on our end – for the time being, the best fix for this is to enable the last game in your Apps List – if there’s only one game in your Apps List, you must enable it.

    Below is a screenshot of the Apps List – make sure you right click and Enable the last app. In my case I only have one Chroma App installed.


    Do let us know if this works fine for you, or if you're facing other issues.
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  2. 45526285698735100

    45526285698735100 New Member

    Chroma SDK lately takes up an incredible amount of CPU usage. Up to 20% on a i7 6700K.
  3. RazerQuis

    RazerQuis Team Chroma Staff Member

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll ask the engineers to take a look at this as well. Do you notice this before OR while OR after running a Razer Chroma enabled game?
  4. 45526285698735100

    45526285698735100 New Member

    Thank you!

    It happens while running Overwatch and it sometimes remains afterwards. It still takes up that much usage, if I disable Chroma Apps.

    EDIT: It does remain after closing Overwatch. Proof in Screenshot.

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  5. BrianRevy

    BrianRevy Well-Known Member

    I believe it's safe for me to say that certain games not running properly isn't to do with Razer Cortex at all. I've saw a post about another user having issues with Overwatch, but said they updated Razer Cortex, and I've asked if they might have updated Synapse, but I never got a reply. But Overwatch seems to be running properly for me with Razer Cortex being te most updated version. After seeing posts on issues with the newest Synapse version, I had decided to not update it just in case.
  6. Cherrybitdome155

    Cherrybitdome155 New Member

    Is this bug still happening? I had to uninstall my Razer programs in order to get my games to work properly. I would love to reinstall the Synapse so that I can start using my macros and customization options for my products.
  7. RazerQuis

    RazerQuis Team Chroma Staff Member

    You can still use Synapse - just disable Chroma Apps if this is still happening to you. I believe a fix has already been released, so the bug shouldn't even happen :)
  8. wireheadBlue315

    wireheadBlue315 New Member

    Still having the issue yesterday and today. Disabled Chroma Apps and still happening in Overwatch :slightly_sad:

    After closing out of Synapse and all other Synapse related processes, it worked.
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  9. RazerQuis

    RazerQuis Team Chroma Staff Member

    Were you able to update Synapse to the latest version? The fix was shipped last week. If you're on the latest version. Go to Programs and Features and you should see something similar to this:


    Razer Chroma SDK Core Components should show 2.1.5. Let me know if that's the case!
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  10. wireheadBlue315

    wireheadBlue315 New Member

    Yep, SDK is 2.1.5 - Razer Core is - Razer Synapse is

    GameScannerService, Razer Chromium Render Process, Razer ManOWar APO Helper, Razer Synapse, RazerIngameEngine are running and I am able to load Overwatch (Diablo 3 is also running into the same issue).

    I have to close these processes in order to load either game: Razer Chroma App Manager, Razer Chroma SDK REST Server, Razer Chroma SDK Service
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  11. wireheadBlue315

    wireheadBlue315 New Member

    Any more information you can provide?
  12. With the latest patch of Overwatch and Synapse updated to the latest 2.20 on fully patched Windows 7 machine, the game will not start. Disabling the Chroma Apps feature entirely didn't solve the problem either. Only after stopping and disabling the Razer Chroma SDK Service could I get Overwatch to finally start. There's a dependency here as well. If Chroma Apps is enabled in Synapse when the service is disabled, Synapse will not start. You must first disable Chroma Apps in Synapse before disabling the service if you wish to continue to use Synapse. My only questions is about whether a fix for Windows 7 is available to enable the Chroma Apps feature? Any comments are welcome, and thanks!

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