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  1. I just got my Razer core and was exited to try it with my intel Nuc skull canyon But unfortunately...nothing the system gives me nothing and my new GTX 1080 I bought also now useless I went through all the steps youtube , threads tried the magnetic issue solation write to Razer support they asked to ship it back and since I'm outside US its big problem, so any suggestions please???
    what to do to go around the magnetic sensor?
  2. Badgertista

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    If it's DOA, the best solution is to RMA to get a new one.
  3. qyuburt

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    RMA it. This isn't a support forum you should be talking with customer services.
  4. RaptureHearts

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    Sorry to hear you're having problems with your Razer Core. Sounds like you contacted our support team. PM me your case # and I'll see if I can get someone to try and help you.
  5. vampirivan

    vampirivan Well-Known Member

    it will ligth up when you press the ON button?
  6. KappaSh0t

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    Not a support forum.
  7. The issue could be the magnet not getting close enough to the rail on the pull out tray which has a magnetic sensor that detects the tray in the enclosure. Guess they don't want you to run the tray outside the enclosure and burn up your card and blame Razer.


    Simply pull the tray out, push the rail metal tab on the end inward to ensure it will touch the magnet in the second picture. I also put some pressure on the magnet pushing towards the rail track on the enclosure itself. So far since doing this I've noted no issues at all, no disconnects, no reboots, and no more BSOD's because of it.

    Good test after adjusting that rail metal tab is to plug everything in power and tb3 cable with laptop powered off. Open the handle lock and slide the tray in and out, make not when fully seating that you get a power click, lock and wiggle back and forth to ensure no power click on/off/on noise. If you get a solid power click and nothing else wiggling you should have no issues. I'm able to bang my knee on my desk and shake everything without any issues middle of games lol.

    Also if you manually set your wireless to prefer 5ghz networks only that tends to help (2.4ghz wrecks havoc on that thing for some reason). If you go under device manager, and then to your killer wireless adapter, go to properties and find the advanced options and look for the "preferred band" setting. Set that to 5ghz (long as your router supports it) and that should resolve a bunch of issues too.

    Between the magnetic sensor and the wireless network I've had zero issues with the Core. I still get some crashing on Rift / Vive games but it seems to be related to latency over TB3 to the VR services, if you have those issues in VR you can simply set the Tdr Delay up to 10-16 seconds (default windows is 3). It's a registry key change to fix.

    Hope that helps. Oh and my experience with "support" as others are suggesting is "send it back", your working with Tier 1 agents that have no clue how the thing operates or any trouble shooting steps whatsoever so you won't get far. Us on here that own one and realize how temperamental the stupid thing is are more than happy to help out.
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    Why don't you just pull out magnet from the chassis and attach it to the rail?
  9. First of all big thanks to you, I went through your answer before I post my issue and believe me I tried what you said the power supply is ok I managed to go through magnatic sensor but no way no lights no booting from the core at all and I appreciate your time to reply to may issue I'll try the wieless issue ,I did't try that yet but I think there is something wrong with the control board I hope I'm wrong and if I managed to turn it on by miricale sure will share my steps with the people here, as for returning thing it is so dissappointing that such elegent and technical piece of hardware has this support I sent them e-mails and each time the reply from person how doesn't read the case even they told me they will transfer my case to EU and then the EU branch told me let the seller take it back as I was talking to my self,,, so its my issue to find a solution to the Razer Core I guess coz I will not pay shipping back and forth "which about the item cost" so that no garanty in the end.
    but thank God that people who like technology share info.

    I was sure the internal power on I not 0 but nothing

    I did but my post to see if someone has the same issue and share info and solutions if possible.
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