Razer Cortex doesn't increase FPS

Discussion in 'Razer Cortex' started by xUser151, Feb 20, 2015.

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  1. Even if I boost games using Razer Cortex I get the same FPS as before.

    I've read the "How to get the most out of Razer Cortex", did the necessary changes, started the game using the game booster UI and it seems like nothing has changed.

    Am I doing anything wrong or is Razer Cortex not working?
  2. Philak

    Philak Active Member

    Depends on the spec of your PC as to how much effect it will have. I'm running a machine with integrated graphics and I get the same FPS but i get slightly faster load times, still only a few seconds but its something i guess.
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  3. masterplo94

    masterplo94 Active Member

    IF you have a new computer it shouldn't make a big difference but it is great for squeezing out performance on old PC's. So the answer is almost always yes, just by how much is the question.
  4. I have a laptop with these specs:
    Intel Core i5 3230M 2.6GHz
    GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000

    I have this laptop for about a year.

    For example when I play Planetside 2 without Razer Cortex I get 30 - 60 FPS, the same for when Razer Cortex is on.
  5. Mapsle

    Mapsle Well-Known Member

    It´s especially helpful when you haven´t turned off your PC in a "long time", and a bunch of unnecessary programs are open in the background.
    Then Game Booster/Cortex will give you the power "back" to use on your game instead of wasting it on other stuff.
    That´s my experience so far.
  6. DawsonJr

    DawsonJr Active Member


    Ah, good to know that Cortex isn't just about the game deals portion (though, being Canadian, I'm not sure I even benefit from it, as it shows offers for the U.S.A.), and does actually help. I more-or-less exclusively game on my own computer, which is relatively new - only about 2-3 years old, if I recall - and still runs very well (minus the odd hiccup here and there). :D


  7. RazerKreuz

    RazerKreuz Member

    try using the gaming desktop option
    if all else failes, check the explorer.exe option in the selected processes
  8. DunClownMcClown

    DunClownMcClown Active Member

    The software will be most beneficial for older systems and systems with a lot of "bloat ware" installed. Different type of services for your MFP software update clients etc etc.
    It will automatically stop the services and free up CPU time and memory. The less resources in use the more efficient your system can handle the game.
    It will start the services again when you close the game. If you have an high end system the impact will be hardly noticeable. If you already configured your OS and Software to only load when used it won't do much for you.
    It is basically a handy tool for the less computer savvy to get more performance out of a system that's not optimally configured.
    I like it because the dashboard functionality it gives me one screen to let me pick my favorite game to play that session.
    Don't expect any magic FPS to appear.
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