Razer Keyboard Spectrograph - Audio Visualizer [WIP]

Discussion in 'Razer Chroma' started by CalcProgrammer1, Mar 10, 2015.

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  1. GugZi

    GugZi Member

    Get it working with Synapse
  2. Ergonyx

    Ergonyx Member

    I tried this and it works briefly but my keyboard eventually locks up and I have to reboot to fix it so I just take the safe route and close Synapse lol.
  3. GugZi

    GugZi Member

    yea okay i see now mine i stock now.
  4. PhysX-

    PhysX- Member

    same problem but its work finally :D
  5. YToLDSCHooL

    YToLDSCHooL New Member

    Can you guide me which lines should I change for it?
  6. TacticalTim

    TacticalTim New Member

    Its working for me with synapse on.
  7. towfer018

    towfer018 New Member

    thank you for this! finally its working :D can sleep better now after hours of trying :blush:
  8. just a msg to everybody who still can't get it to work. if your using youtube to play music put the YOUTUBE volume on full. that's what the fan bus is reacting to. the speaker volume doesn't matter. it only let's u hear what it's playing. have nothing to do with the funbus :D
  9. IRISHx

    IRISHx New Member

    It works, it finally works!!!! Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see what becomes of this.
  10. nanias

    nanias Active Member

    I read the first post but couldn't get how it works, can anyone post a tutorial on how to get this effect, like files/programs/steps needed. Cheers
  11. IRISHx

    IRISHx New Member

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  12. nanias

    nanias Active Member

    Great thanks man. Easy but not a simple process too many pieces involved... I wonder if it will be a common chroma effect someday.
    Anyway it is a great work!
  13. Zikiko

    Zikiko Active Member

    EVERYONE HAVING ISSUES, DO THIS! It fixed it for me too :D Just run the installer, no need for a restart!
  14. 106078989

    106078989 New Member

    I finally got it to work with Ergonyx's tutorial. Thank you :D
  15. Craklen

    Craklen New Member

    Mine is now working, but its not registering as a wave. It looks very sporadic and jumpy. Any advice on how to get a clean look for it? I still love it, it just does not look like it does in the other videos.
  16. Verthaa

    Verthaa Active Member

    Same. Have you found a fix?
  17. This tutorial works wonders if you're stuck.
  18. Ergonyx

    Ergonyx Member

    The only time I've noticed a jumpy effect was if I forgot to close Synapse before opening FanBusAudio. Synapse seems to bugger it up lol.
  19. Hello, i run-ed the software, and my keyboard turned into a slow rainbow wave effect, with only a few keys in static, but when i play music, nothing happens. How do i solve this?
  20. Ergonyx

    Ergonyx Member

    Make sure the levels of the CABLE Input and Output are at 100 and that you have whatever media player you're using at high volume. If the audio is low the software can't pick it up enough to display on the keyboard.
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