Razer Kraken Pro Headset Static Problem

Discussion in 'Audio' started by tacpodu, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. Recently I purchased the Razer Kraken Pro Headset, and plugged it in, and it seemed to work fine for a while. I tried the surround sound feature and overall I thought it was a good purchase. But about a week after I noticed a quiet static noise. It was very annoying and sometimes it was worse than other times. I returned the headset because I thought it was just broken, but upon receiving a second one, I noticed it had the same issue. I kept the headset thinking it was my computers fault, and knowing I would buy a new computer soon, it would just work with that computer. Now I've realized thats stupid and I should put the headset to good use, because I dont see many other people having this issue.

    After putting the headset away for a while, I pulled it back out to give it another try. Once again, at first it was fine, but 5 minutes later it began the static. It almost comes in bursts, like every half second it would have static for a half second. I wondered if it was mic feedback, but I turned off the microphone in the recording devices, and it did nothing.

    Can someone please help me out? I have a lot of friends who use this mic and dont have an issue. Can it be my mic jack thing in my computer? I'm assuming it has to do with my computer because it happened with two headsets. Anyways, thanks you, and please respond if you have suggestions.
  2. Vaypron

    Vaypron Well-Known Member

    It's maybe your soundcard that's interfering with some other components of your computer(e.g. gpu).
    How old is your current computer and how most did it cost when you bought it ?
  3. GreenChris90

    GreenChris90 Active Member

    Yep, and if it is not old, try reaching the support team, as they might know a fix to it
  4. It could be a grounding issue, or it could be related to your motherboard. Do you happen to have another computer that you can try it on? If the issue persists, please contact our Support Team at http://rzr.to/help. Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Razer Customer Support
  5. Yes, I tried the headset on an iMac, with the two plug cord (i dont know what its called) and the single cord, it worked fine on both after listening to soundcloud. What can I do now? This means that it's my computers fault by how it sounds im assuming

    my computer is about a year old now? i think, its not that old. and I bought it refined from amazon i believe for about 800. here it is: http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/lenovo/y-series/y50-uhd/
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  6. Vaypron

    Vaypron Well-Known Member

    Alright. Yes it's your computers fault.
    An easy solution should be to connect the headphones to a usb-soundcard. That should fix the problem, 'cause it's outside of your pc and isn't influenced by other components.
    USB-Soundcard starts at about 5 bucks, up to some hundreds.
    Here is one for 6.99 with good reviews: https://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-Exte...&qid=1472700682&sr=8-1&keywords=usb+soundcard
    I would definitely recommend to try it.

    The other and harder way would be to return your current computer for repair, but I'm not sure that they will really fix the issue.
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