Razer Ornata Chroma Keyboard Key Broken and STUCK!

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by frontRustyRed224, Nov 29, 2018.

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  1. frontRustyRed224

    frontRustyRed224 New Member

    So about 30 mins ago, i was just pulling off my escape key to clean the dirt out of below it. When i cleaned it out, i went to put my key back on, and for some reason i wasn't thinking, and put my keycap on back wards. when i pulled it out, the extended plastic part was still in the keyboard. now, when i pop it back in, it doesnt want to go together, and it wont click down. its very sensitive, when i say very, i mean, VERY. Even just resting my finger on it, the key spams super fast. I need help getting the plastic part OUT and re-attached to my esc key.

  2. Razer.Caziel

    Razer.Caziel I am the Lightbringer Staff Member

    Hi @frontRustyRed224,

    I'm afraid we won't be able to help you RMA the keyboard due to the circumstances leading to the damage. Please check this out for your reference.

    As for the broken key, the next best thing you can do is to carefully pull the plastic part out using a tweezer. If the broken part doesn't properly adhere to the Escape Key, you might want to take another key that you rarely use to take its place.
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