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Razer phone 2 does it support EXFAT format for micro sdcards?

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Kantana, Oct 11, 2018.

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  1. Kantana

    Kantana New Member

    I have been using Razer phone since last year and the biggest issue I encountered has been the lack of EXFAT support when using micro SDcards. This means that I have to resort to the FAT32 format which restricts the maximum size of a single file to 4GB.
    So my question is does the Razer phone 2 now support EXFAT when using micro sdcards?
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  2. samuel2989

    samuel2989 New Member

    Unfortunately, nobody knows about that unless there's a tech blog that do their full review on the Razer Phone 2 with a memory card inside the device which could take awhile to find out what file formats the Razer Phone 2 supports for memory cards.
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  3. Hermanator

    Hermanator Well-Known Member

    I've read that as a general rule of thumb for ExFAT support: If a device can support at least 64 GB-sized SD cards, it can support exFAT because those cards come with exFAT out of the box. Moreover, I also read that exFAT drivers were standard to Android since Android 4.4 so that means everything at least Android 4.4 probably supports the exFAT file system.

    Source: Dude trust me (just kidding, there was a time I couldn't sleep wanting to know about this stuff)

    TL;DR: It probably supports it.
  4. GR8-Ride

    GR8-Ride Member

    Wrong. Android has support for it, but each manufacturer has to pay Microsoft a licensing fee for the rights to enable exFAT support on their hardware.

    Samsung pays MS for the license....Razer so far, has not. We'll only know if they have decided to pay MS for the license to use exFAT when someone gets a unit and tries an exFAT micro-SDXC card out on the Razer Phone 2.

    The first version absolutely did not support it....that was my single biggest complaint about the phone, and was honestly a big reason I sold it. If the RP2 supports exFAT, then I'd happily move back to the Razer Phone.

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  5. Kantana

    Kantana New Member

    I can confirm that EXFAT is not supported on the original Razer phone. I had to workaround this issue by using Adoptive storage which encrypts the SDcard and binds it to the Razer phone only. It is treated as internal storage by Android and is formatted in Ext3 so no 4GB limitation.
    However when I updated to Oreo 8.1 I found that Samsung Evo+ 256GB sdcard was not being recognized properly with Android misreporting the storage space. It was shown as doubled in size and I could not move files to/from the card within Android. I later tried MR1 and MR2 and it was never resolved.
    Eventually I bought a Sandisk Ultra A1 micro sdcard to replace and work around this bug. Hence I need to know if the Razer phone 2 will support EXFAT on sdcards. If it remains the same and doesn't support EXFAT then I will buy the Asus ROG phone instead.
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  6. Hermanator

    Hermanator Well-Known Member

    My mistake, I thought Android used the same driver that can be installed in some PC Linux distros. Isn't the driver I'm referring to open source though? Why won't Android/Android manufacturers use it?
    Why I think the driver is open source: GRUB2 distributes with it an exFAT module and I believe that the whole download itself is GPL licensed.
  7. Midnightfrolic

    Midnightfrolic New Member

    Pretty sure it will not support exFAT. I have the Razer Phone 1.

    Hoping version 2 will allow camera app to save directly to the sdcard. But I doubt it since 4k vidoes can exceed 4gb.
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  8. Kantana

    Kantana New Member

    Anyone received their Razer 2 phones can test reading SDcards formatted in EXFAT pls?
  9. C0rp0r4l

    C0rp0r4l New Member

    It DOES NOT support Sandisk 400GB microSD in exFAT. I'm honestly furious about this whole situation, jokes on me for not doing my research on the first phone. I have movies I wanted to watch on this device. I cant believe Razer even thinks that this somehow OK in the year 2018. Will probably return the device.
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  10. Kantana

    Kantana New Member

    There is an alternative but will bind the sdcard to the phone as it will be encrypted and treated as part of the OS. If you use the sdcard as adoptive storage then there will be no 4GB max filesize limitation. However the sdcard can only be read in the phone and cannot be read if it is removed from the phone.
    Initially on the original Razer phone this was how I was using my sdcard. However after Oreo update, I found my Samsung Evo+ 256GB microsdcard is not being correctly reported in size. Android was showing it as doubled the capacity and was unable to move files properly. I then resorted to using a Sandisk A1 256GB microsdcard which did not show this error. Unfortunately it seems there are still bugs with the storage reported. Android is reporting the size as 256GB which is fine but when the card was filled it was showing as 229GB/256GB. I could not copy anymore files to it even though Android was showing as 27GB free.
    This is a major inconvenience as I cannot see the true free space available. I had actually filled the card and not realized it. Android was showing as free space available and any copying would not trigger a full error but would instead just sit there and never progress.
    Razer needs to fix this for both phones, since they only have 64GB internal memory, an external microsdcard is essential and we cannot use it as is. Removable storage have the max 4GB filesize limitation, adoptable storage has incorrect capacity. Give us exFAT support and fix the capacity in adoptable storage.
    I will avoid the Razer phone 2 until these 2 issues are fixed.
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  11. HS_ZERO

    HS_ZERO New Member

    Game over. Crashes when recording video over 4gb.
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