Razer phone HDMi to TV using type c to hdmi

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by bestDarkChestnutAMBER354, Jun 2, 2018.

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  1. Am using type C to hdmi wire to watch my movies in big Tv screen with my razer phone but unfortunatly after 8.1 update the connection to tv does works but its slow and not smooth at all!!! I

    I dont know what is the problem since i can use same connection wire with samsung S8 and it works perfectly in big screen all movies running smooth!!

    Any one can advise what to do?

    Can any one try his phone with latest update using same C ti hdmi and tell us ?

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  2. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    I don’t watch movies from my Razer phone to TV screen but I kind want to try and I’ve this usb c docking for my Blade. Do you think it’ll work USB C from Razer Phone to hdmi to TV? This week I’m not at home so I can’t try it. But tomorrow I’ll try. Btw I’m on latest 8.1 RM1.
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  3. U can try and let us know

    My cable is very sample just C type to Hdmi ..and i dont know why its sooo lagy and not smooth at all when i connect to abig 65inh sceen ...

    Sometime no audio and the the vedio is soo laggy

    I did try playing from you tube same result!!!

    Need any one confrim thats is running ok with hem so it might from my connect wire the problem
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  4. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Maybe because your TV 4K? I saw on somewhere I think it was on android development website, it has laggy issue with 4K resolution and fine on 1080p. Damn if it’s right, I don’t have 1080p TV or monitor:/ Well I’ll try though. That’s only plugging it to adapter or Dock in my case without changing anything on setting, like in developer Option etc right?
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  5. Thermos

    Thermos New Member

    I've had this hit or miss since 8.1. I've found reconnecting it sometimes can help. 4K or 1080p or 720p or 480p didn't make a difference.

    8.1+ has been terrible for external connections from my experience. Whether it is Bluetooth (see other thread) or USB-C. OTG no longer works in some apps, even the Razer headphone adapter sometimes fails, and my HDMI adapter 75% of the time doesn't work. My mouse and speakers on a USB hub fails too now while the keyboard still works.

    All of these problems I've mentioned I had less issues (if I had them at all) with on 7.x.
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  6. I hope that Razer will address this issue and correct thim in next update ?

    Any idea how to go back to 7.1.1 ?

    Hdmi out to Tv is realy important for me
  7. JamesonTai

    JamesonTai Member Staff Member

    What USB-C adapter are you using? I haven't had issues with this with my anker usb-c to hdmi adapter on 8.1
  8. Thermos

    Thermos New Member

    I use a Plugable USB-C to HDMI2.0 and it stutters sometimes and is fine other times. Usually a reboot solves it.

    Other than that, I also have an HP Lapdock that has a display/keyboard/trackpad/sound over USB-C that just flat out doesn't display anymore with my phone even though the keyboard and sound work.
  9. so does it work even if connect ur phone to big UHD TV flawlessly ?

    It might than from my c to hdmi product!!!

    Can u confirm about that so i can order like Urs?

  10. I have tried two types of adapters one from promtate it a good quilty high price adapter with hub for 4 usb & lan that can be used too on macs with hdmi no luck it wont worked so i though maybe need a external power so i had a hdmi male and vga female with power source i tried it then it worked for a secound i though i solved i go for high demanding game then boom the game is glitching and frozening for a bits there and there no gameplay possible .

    2nd i go and think i maybe using wrong adapter that may draw to much power because it not charching
    I go and place an order in cable maters cable that have power source and can be conected to display port that were i though i go wrong knowing not all hdmi cables can refresh at 60 hz so i tried it then it worked nice refresh rate better than a hdmi and vivid more i was sure i solved it , It didn't

    I didn't solved it

    I now have two many adapters and unseable phone
    But i know now the high demanding game is a culpirt
    Not the phone .

    I countuine my investigate and plug in my samsung 8 + to the adapter a promotate adapter and run the high demanding game it runs fine no lag no nothing

    Now i know the game and the phone " razer phone "
    Is need a update and the game too . To be suported .

    Conclusion: both cables are fine ,need the support for the game or maybe im wrong but i know we need a way to turn off display while using a display out like nvidia shield tablet .
  11. Hi

    I think that the problem is from the Oreo 8.1 Update ...No matter caple ur using to watch video Or play games the TV PROJECTION IS not SMOOTH AT ALl COMPARE TO OTHER PHONE THAT SUPPORT HDMI !!!

    RAZER should adress this problem and try to fix it soon in the next software update !! Hope so
  12. I have the same issue, I also think that it is the software caused such problem, Youtube video doesn't properly play, horrible glitching and frozening to run game. I've tried the same set up with Samsung phone and it is nice and smooth. I really hope Razer can address this issue on their next pitch update.
  13. godashram

    godashram Active Member

    Using a Kanex USB-C to HDMI adapter and a lumia dock (from my Lumia 950) I have had no video issues to various HDMI TVs and projectors (haven't tried anything higher than 1080P)

    Only issue I have was audio not being sent to the TV/projector at times. But yeah, the update sent after 8.1 seems to be the cause of most of the issues I have had, as well as most people.
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  14. ZiCott

    ZiCott Member

    I am using a Lenovo Type-C Docking, with 2 DP ports, 4 USB, and ethernet, works fine on my Razer Phone.
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