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Razer Raiju Ultimate - Headset only working when controller is connected via USB?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by E4M0N, Nov 4, 2018.

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  1. E4M0N

    E4M0N New Member

    Hi guys, so I’m sure by now you guys are sick of threads relating to the Razer Raiju. And after finally getting a response where I could download the version 1.02 firmware BETA. I’ve come across another issue which was ignored initially due to all the other issues, but here any potentially help is appreciated.

    So we are all aware of the stick drift and latency of the controller due to the firmware which is being worked on by the razer staff.

    However, for some reason my headset only seems to work when I use my Razer Raiju Ultimate in USB mode.

    And as soon as I switch it to Bluetooth mode, it simply acts as if my headset which is a Razer Man O’ war isn’t there and requires it to be fed direct power via USB mode. I have used my Razer Man O’ war with the default DS4 controllers on my PS4 pro both wired and wireless with no issue. So if anyone could help me out on this it would be appreciated, especially with all the other problems going on with the firmware - I don’t need my headset not working with it in wireless mode too! Thanks.
Thread Status:
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