Razer Ripsaw Detect Only 576i on PS3

Discussion in 'Broadcaster' started by sharky76, Jan 20, 2018.

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  1. sharky76

    sharky76 New Member

    Just purchase Razer Ripsaw two days ago.
    My first problem -
    After setup device connection via "follow as suggested diagram" i only manage to capture only 576i via Component AV Multi Cable to my PS3. Is there any solution to capture 720p resolution?
    Sample Capture at only 576i

    My second problem -
    PS3 have HDCP and to by pass it i using HDMI Splitter. On OBS latest version, i just using default device setting 1080p, on my display there is no problem but on OBS to capture my gameplay, its display only for 2 -3 second then freeze. I just try start recording (OBS Setting only 720p) and after review my recording session it's not record any gameplay just show display on freeze frame.

    Any solution to capture PS3 gameplay on 720p ??

Thread Status:
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