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**Razer Suggestion Thread**

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by allbricks, Oct 17, 2014.

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  1. allbricks

    allbricks Member

    We all have ideas for new or interesting Razer products, or specific tweaks/improvements on existing Razer products. I figured this would be a great place to consolidate those ideas, making it more efficient to browse and brainstorm, and hopefully easier for the people at Razer HQ to read.

    So I'll start.

    I'd like to see the Razer Deathstalker Ultimate come with mechanical switches, or at least add the touch-screen, track pad, and dynamic display keys to the Blackwidow Ultimate.

    Chroma everything, but specifically the Orbweaver.

    Chroma-inspired mousepads and other accessories.

    That's all I have. What do y'all want to see Razer do next?
  2. wakoquacko

    wakoquacko Active Member

    Update to the Naga Hex. Would love to see it with the improved ergonomics of the Naga 2014 and of course Chroma lighting
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  3. lochu91

    lochu91 Active Member

    So now we gonna chroma everything because some company created a multi colour gear? I thought Razer was meant to be green. Chief gamer once said it.
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  4. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I really like Razer's signature green color -- but I also find that sometimes it doesn't match my desktop wallpaper or I wish I could change things up for the holidays or something. I think the chroma idea is brilliant. :)

    As for things I'd like to see -- I really wish they made a messenger style laptop bag that would actually fit my laptop and everything that I travel with when I fly. I like lots of pockets for pens, SD cards, batteries, camera, passport, license, credit cards, usb drives, at least one notebook, plane ticket and other travel documents, the mouse, my headset, network cable, my phone & charger, my camera & cord and my *Gigantic* power brick ... Basically, I don't use any other carry-on luggage and I use my laptop bag in place of carrying my purse, so I need it to hold everything laptop and travel related in addition to whatever my purse would normally carry.

    Finding all those things in an average laptop bag, not so hard ... finding it all in a bag for a 17.3" screen and a laptop that measures 17.5x11x2, very challenging.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2014
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  5. wakoquacko

    wakoquacko Active Member

    @kajira agreed on all points there, minus the purse bit :) I also wish they had a smaller backpack, maybe something similar to what their Pro's get. Just a small laptop backpack.
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  6. holyy

    holyy Active Member

    I agree with you!

    Actually i'm a PC gamer but with the release of Destiny i started playing on Playstation too.
    So i hope for a razer playstation gamepad.
  7. HaltusKain

    HaltusKain Well-Known Member

    I'm going to suggest they add a suggestions forum here. Threads like this are great for consolidation, but after they're a few pages long, folks can't be bothered to read through it to see what's already been suggested; and ultimately some ideas - though brilliant - get buried before any real discussion gets going.

    The best way to flesh out an idea is for an individual to post their vision of it, and then the rest of the community pitch in with their own tweaks and quirks until it's really polished. It's hard to do that if each idea doesn't have its own thread.
  8. lochu91

    lochu91 Active Member

    @Haltus Kain sign me in. That would filter suggestion topics from more casual discussions.
  9. allbricks

    allbricks Member

    I definitely agree with you that there should be sub-forums, and one specifically for suggestions would be ideal. But for now, I think a single focused thread is much better than 100 empty individual threads cluttering up the board.
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  10. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    There is one thing I noticed about Razer products, the price just keeps climbing newer ones are lot more expensive and they have stopped making products which are a bit cheap, of course quality comes with a price. But they are not making any product for lower end of the market. They only have Cyclosa bundle in that price bracket. I would like to see some more products targeted at the lower budget gamers as majority of the gamers fall in that category. I have seen more than 50 people who opted for Cooler Master products because they offer cheap bundles with backlighting which Razer don't have. Come on Razer expand your market to the lower levels too so that you can be the king everywhere. :D
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  11. Elebeth

    Elebeth Active Member

    Let me just copy-paste my post from different thread:

    Razer Spectre (starcraft 2 edition mouse) is everything I ever wanted in a mouse and all I wish from Razer is that they create "regular" version of that special edition.

    It is a very small mouse, practically fingertip only (which i prefer), ambidextrous design (which I prefer), 5 buttons (optimal imho), 5600dpi sensor and best of all it has a button force adjustment to which I became addicted!
    Spectre is my workhorse mouse for every situation.

    So all I want is standard Razer mouse with those specs (or better
    - improved).

    Oh and only downside to Spectre is that force adjustment is only for the left click button :angry:

    I understand the issue with creating ambidextrous mouse only for right hand but still... My only other options are Abyssus which has too few buttons and Taipan which has too much buttons; and none of those two have force adjustment. :slightly_sad:
  12. Helgo

    Helgo New Member

    havent read through all comments, but Razer Smartphone anyone?
  13. HaltusKain

    HaltusKain Well-Known Member

    There are pros and cons to all of the above. For now, before posting a suggestion I'd encourage everyone to consider its scope and decide where to post it. If it's a lengthy suggestion that could benefit greatly from everyone else's input: give it it's own thread. If it's a concise suggestion that doesn't really need to be discussed (i.e., "Relocate the two buttons that are behind the scrollwheel on the Naga Epic to the front-left of the mouse, like the Molten.") then post it here.

    ...which brings us to my second suggestion:
    Relocate the two buttons that are behind the scrollwheel on the Naga Epic to the front-left of the mouse, like the Molten.

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  14. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    Razer designed and built by someone smartphone = yes
    Razer built smartphone = why?
  15. lochu91

    lochu91 Active Member

    Don`t make me unlike your post. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I can`t use those two, they`re too far.
  16. lochu91

    lochu91 Active Member

    @Haltus Kain well, i use it and ofcourse it`s possible to reach them but i personally need to move both fingers off of clicks, and it get`s more weird if i want to reach the one closer to me.

    But if they were place between left finger and scroll, now that would be pretty awesome. Though there is not too much space on old naga i think we could come up with something with the new naga`s shape.

    I remember this one from time when i wasn`t in the Cult yet. My friends were talking about Razer making a mouse phone... they took it seriously. I found out years after.

    I wonder if they already know. :rolleyes:
  17. evilCookie

    evilCookie Member

    Back to topic =))
    Razer Insider Messenger plex :heart:3
  18. evilCookie

    evilCookie Member

    Both combined ^^ it would be great because I don't think a lot of players use Comms..
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  19. HaltusKain

    HaltusKain Well-Known Member

    Not yet. :blush:

    It's just in beta, but I have high hopes for Razer Comms. Razer tends to grab the industry standard and take it up a notch or six. Especially regarding software, if Synapse is any indication relative to their competitor's versions (Logitech G600... *shudders* ...that $#!+ went back to the store).

    Anywho, I made a thread on Razer Comms Feedback, as it's one of those things I'd love to focus some community discussion on, so please post your thoughts there and let''s help Razer make this as outstanding a product as possible.
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  20. NazgulStig

    NazgulStig Well-Known Member

    why do we need that?
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