Razerblade Pro Chroma Issues

Discussion in 'Systems' started by PrimeOneHing, Apr 17, 2018.

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    PrimeOneHing New Member

    Hey Everyone, so recently i have been having issues with my Razerblade Pro FHD and its chroma.
    As the blades still run on Synapse 2.0, i run into problems where if i change my keyboards RGB, at times it will force the computer to sleep... I have tried reinstalling drivers and software, changing power settings and rebooting to no change.
    Another issue involves chroma apps, they used to work fine a few months ago, but now some apps and games either don't light up the basic keyboard, or don't light up the touch-pad or media controls, i can never have both properly working a once.

    - NOTE: the keyboards RGB works fine when using basic synapse lighting modes, so i know this isn't a problem with the keyboards back lights.

    I'm hoping these issues can be resolved without the need to send in for replacement or a fix, i use this not only got my gaming, but also for my uni work every week, and going without this means i have nothing to work off.

    If anyone else is experiencing similar issues please post down below so i know its not just me.

    I've uploaded a photo with Audio visualizer running to show how it only lights up the 90% of the trackpad and nothing else. this happens with other chroma apps too, sometimes only lighting everything up apart from the top track pad line and media controls blade issue.jpg

    Cheers everyone :)
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