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Discussion in 'The Linux Corner' started by Armad1ll0, Oct 23, 2017.

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    Hello everybody,

    and welcome to my first thread and post here. I'm from Germany, please apologize strange grammar if you find any. ;)

    Some days ago I got my brand new RBS (unfortunately two days after the quad model has been released) which is currently running Fedora Linux 27 Beta. In this thread I would like to describe my experiences with running this distribution on my new Ultrabook.

    Currently I'm running latest kernel 4.13.8 on it. To enhance battery life I'm using tlp service which automatically adjusts powertop settings. Battery life in low usage scenarios (Wifi surfing only) is very good with approximately 8 till 10 hours.

    Openrazer-drivers workes quite well which I installed directly from the Opensuse repositories. To control the chromatic keyboard I'm using polychromatic-controller. The only problem I had was the secure boot. After disabling it, everything works.
    There are some bugs in the controller software if you choose different lighting options. E.g. sometimes options are missing or you see the wrong ones from options you selected earlier. Also the software is very CPU intensive, but as I'm using it only very rarely this is not a big issue.

    Hardware keys to control light dimming for both display and keyboard works, multimedia keys work like a charm. Only the caps lock key is instantly crashing the Gnome desktop if pressed twice. As I always deactivate this one via the gnome-tweak-tool this also is no issue for me. This also is a well known issue, I was aware of when I bought the RBS.

    I plan to use the RBS with at least two external monitors. But I will try to get three fo them wworking. Last weekend I tried a Dell WD15 and an Elgato dual monitor docking stations. Both didn't work that well. Only one monitor was available and often led to crashes and freezes.
    Today I tried a simple i-tec with only one monitor port, USB devices, LAN and power delivery (source is a 85W Apple power supply). This works fine till now. Company ordered a Dell TB16 which is reported as one of the most compatible docking station. I hope it arrives late this week so I can test this one.

    Performance with two external monitors (both 1080p/60) is not bad. FullHD videos run flawless. Also running those two together with the QHD+ display of the RBS itself worked very well, haven't done much testing with that configuration. Regarding this I think triple FullHD external monitors should work quite well.

    BTW: Every Macbook power supply I tried worked very well at the RBS and vice versa with the Razer power supply at Macbooks.

    I plan to post updates in this thread, if there' something worth mentioning. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I'll try to test everything I can. :)

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