Register to Pre-order the Razer Nabu X - Wave 1

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 11, 2015.

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  1. KeltonPlays

    KeltonPlays Member

    Really? You realize chances are low and that if you actually cared for Razer at,all you would buy it retail
  2. Amerricka

    Amerricka New Member

    Was relying on paypal to work, but when it didn't I had to add a separate billing and shipping address because mine aren't the same and my card wouldn't go through without fixing it... Damn. Maybe next time.
  3. NdotG

    NdotG New Member

    all i got was a screen saying it was not available to be order yet then when i refresh it sent me here lol oh well.
  4. CrazyElwin

    CrazyElwin New Member

    same happened to me. Some "Data error" and when i re-tried, code came up "expired"
  5. Hyperkind

    Hyperkind Member do realize that there was a lot more then 500 who registered right?
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  6. doglog

    doglog New Member

    WOO!!!! Snagged one so happy!
  7. Amerricka

    Amerricka New Member

    I could be wrong but I think they let more than 500 actually register.
  8. Wheres the link?
  9. TX3017

    TX3017 New Member

    I got my confirmation! Now I hope that they can fulfill the order! Here's hoping!
  10. LiLChris06

    LiLChris06 Member

    So when is wave #2? :D
  11. nigelnvf

    nigelnvf New Member

    Nope it started on time. You're the unlucky one, that's it.
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  12. Hyperkind

    Hyperkind Member

    Serious? I live in Hawaii and didn't have the option for $7.99 shipping. I only had express and the next faster one available. Hey @Razer|Technokat whats up with this?
  13. Ninjustin

    Ninjustin New Member

    They shouldn't have given out so many codes. I got an error and boom no Nabu for me. Pretty lame when things like this happen I lose faith in the company doing them.
  14. jdevas

    jdevas New Member

    I must have taken too long entering credit info. Now says "out of stock." I guess I missed it. Damn.
  15. booleiu

    booleiu New Member

    I'm not sure. I only have an email saying Order Submitted (with an order#)
  16. hebitori

    hebitori Member

    If you read carefully, there were more than 500 people who registered for the code. They did mention that having the code doesn't mean that you'd be able to get it. The code stops working as soon as they run out of stock.
  17. leredz

    leredz New Member

    wwooooowwwwww 09:02 Nabu X was out of stock :'(
  18. Chcirene

    Chcirene New Member

    Any lucky buyer managed to be the 1st 500 person to own the Nabu X?
  19. mindreeper2420

    mindreeper2420 New Member

    Woohoo! Got one! First time I've been able to actually get in on one successfully. Very happy to be a part of the limited release.
  20. So will debit cards work because I tried it and it says it couldn't use it
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