Remove the Login Requirement from Synapse 3!

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse 3 Beta' started by Jimbub, Oct 9, 2018.


Do you want the always online/login requirement removed?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Jimbub

    Jimbub New Member

    just paid over 2 grand for a RB '15. I am often using it in places without an internet connection.

    Why in the absolute hell do you require a sign in to access BASIC SETTINGS of hardware that we already paid for?

    I feel beyond insulted and disrespected as a consumer.

    Have the decency to remove the log in requirement. The hardware is local. The functionality is local. Stop milking your customers for data. There is absolutely no reason I should need to be connected to the internet and logged in to change these settings.

    Unless there is some kind of change, I cannot in principle support a company like this and will be returning the laptop.

    This is absolutely not okay to do, and I believe you'd be hard pressed to find a single actual user who disagrees with my sentiment.

    Make the online functionality a FEATURE, not an invasive requirement.

    Just so I'm not complaining without proposing a solution, here's how you fix this Razer:

    Leave this the way it is by default for those who don't care, but let power users who take the time to dig into the settings change this or bypass the login.
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  2. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member

    It will be great to have such option.
    Sometimes, I need to use my laptop & Atheris, where there isn't any WiFi access, so after login to Windows I always see the Razer Synapse login prompt (because it can't connect to the cloud) - it's really annoying sometimes.
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  3. websmartMoccasin558

    websmartMoccasin558 New Member

    Hi, I have the same issue. Now and then it works like before, and it logs on without the need to typ the password. Last week the issue came back and now every time we start up the pc we need to typ the password again even when tick the 'remember password'. It is not a world problem, but yet should the synaps not yet remember the password without typ in every time? As I am not the only one I thought I would add to this thread. Thank you in advance.

    Ccleaner Happy Wheels VLC
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