[Request for insider] Mobile friendly/App integration and some Nabu related stuff.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by audigy1, Feb 9, 2016.

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    Not sure if this is the right place to put this but I'll just post this here first.

    I for one like to read Razer insider on my phone when I'm out and about, on the train, during smoke breaks, list goes on. So reading isn't much of a problem. I think the site/forum actually doesn't look all too bad on my iPhone 5S. Posting, however is where things kinda get weird. Bot sure how it is on androids or Windows phones (lol) but as you can see from the screenshots the editing box takes quite a bit of room.

    Would be great if the editing box for posting could be made a little more... compact. Or better yet maybe even integrate Razer Insider into one of your apps like the Navu app or Cortex app (Not sure if you guys have others I couldn't find any).

    For Nabu users we could even have some sort of forum game that involves taking steps from the Nabu devices. A steps ranking thread which updates whenever the users log into the app or something?

    Another idea I had is to have a Nabu map of some sort. A map that shows where people le have gone with their Nabus. Maybe use it to find out if there are any Nabu users in your area or something.

    Some kind of stats page showing the highest altitude a Nabu has been.

    I realize there are probably privacy issues with some of the stuff I suggested but maybe just a simple "Stealth mode" option will do the trick?

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