Revisit: The Razer Mechanical Switches

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by technokat, Jun 8, 2015.

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  1. BlackWidow is the best keyboard I ever had.
  2. popbobtai

    popbobtai Member

    Still loving my Blackwidow Chroma, but I type super hard so a membrane keyboard also sounds like this mechanical one xD.
    Love it much more than any other keyboard I have though.
  3. BrokenEdge

    BrokenEdge New Member

    I think it is so funny when people try and call out Razer for making "Chinese Cherry MX ripoffs". Yes the Razer keyswitch is made by Kailh but as long as Razer does what it says when binning the keys there should be no problem with their quality vs Cherry MX. The fact that Razer wanted to improve the switch is nice. Corsair just uses straight Cherrys without even wanting any improvement. So I'm behind Razer as long as they stand behind their products.
  4. sleekconnectCeil032

    sleekconnectCeil032 New Member

    Not to hate on Razer, but kailh switches ARE cheaper to produce than Cherry MX, even though they reduce actuation by 0.2mm or whatever, people hate on them because the keyboards are still the same price as the 2013 versions (using Cherry MX)

    Razer wouldn't change to unmodified kailh because no one would buy the keyboard otherwise so they had to justify it. For reference, you can buy a per-key RGB Chroma keyboard for $80-$100 that has the same features of the Razer.
  5. SandDunesmartJET311

    SandDunesmartJET311 New Member

    As much as I love my Blackwidow, I do wish that they used Cherry MX Blues. Aside from that, this is honestly an amazing keyboard.
  6. mltan

    mltan CEO Staff Member

    Custom switches are always more expensive to manufacture than mass produced switches.
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  7. BrokenEdge

    BrokenEdge New Member

    Can anyone really tell the difference between the quality of the two switches? The activation point should be easy to measure but beyond that do the Razer Green and the MX Blue really feel that different? Or is it just conformation basis? I'm asking honestly because the Blackwidow Chroma is my first Mech keyboard I've owned.
  8. popbobtai

    popbobtai Member

    Haha, its the first I owned too.
    But I had a mechanical key tester, that doesn't help though since its just 4 buttons, each having different switches. I don't mind the Razer one, but I type very hard to the point a cheap membrane keyboards can be heard through a microphone, sounding like a mechanical one. xD

    Think the old different is the actuation point, reset point, and life span.
    So suppose the Razer switch would last longer, and better for stuff like double clicking.
  9. klleee

    klleee Member

    had blue switch and green switch black widow, huge difference in force when pressing the keys.
  10. Hobo189

    Hobo189 Active Member

    Do you think the will? Would be intetesting to see if they do!
  11. The keys honestly feel so nice no matter what you are doing
  12. DyrusZJ

    DyrusZJ Member

    razer has the best technology
  13. Calvin343

    Calvin343 Member

    The Cherry MX Blue are just so much better they should have had them in the blackwidow would have made it 10x better
  14. mywc123

    mywc123 Member

    How is double tapping on the Razer Greens compared to MX blues.
  15. Quentix

    Quentix Member

    I would love to see a factory tour of the Kailh factory, I saw a video on youtube where we see all the tests they make on Cherry MX swicthes (a lot of tests) and that makes me wonder how different is the Kailh / Razer approach of it
  16. sleekconnectCeil032

    sleekconnectCeil032 New Member

    You guys sell much far more mechanical keyboards than all kailh keyboards combined. So it reality, it is the Razer switches being mass produced and the standard kailh variants being "custom".
  17. Reaver

    Reaver Active Member

    People are just used to having Cherry MX on their keyboards... Which is a problem... There'll be no improvement and competition if people will only flock to a single manufacturer...

    Razer took a risk by switching keys... Personally though, I believe they pulled it off... Other manufacturers are following suit as well so there isn't really a problem... Corsair may be using Cherry switches... But have they actually tried to improve upon it?... Where have they pooled their resources?... On design?... I wouldn't think so seeing how the Scimitar turned out as well as their Lapdog...

    It doesn't matter if Kailh switches are cheaper to produce... Aesthetically, Razer is still on top... Just because something costs more doesn't mean the materials always has to be expensive as well... Sure, it would be preferable but if the overall design sucks then it isn't worth it...

    This is exactly like the "problem" with Windows 8... People were so used to having a Start Menu that they didn't even bother understanding the tutorial during the initial setup... People I know who complained about the removal of the Start Menu only used it for turning off their PC so it really is laughable...
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  18. goss343

    goss343 Member

    Great read. Looking at a Blackwidow Chroma Stealth for my rig.
  19. KnightedHound

    KnightedHound New Member

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    GTASANTT Member

    Is the stealth still much louder than membrane keyboard?
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