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Score zSilver with the new Razer Insider Achievements

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Deleted member 368765, Mar 27, 2017.

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  1. UltraNova123

    UltraNova123 New Member

    i think this is a great add on :ok_hand:
  2. Hasif97

    Hasif97 New Member

    When others country will be available? i am from Malaysia. i would like to get Razer Mug Holder.
  3. Projektor

    Projektor Member

    I'm still waiting for my Location, Birthday, Avatar reward to pop. It's been like 3 days. Any ideas?
  4. Chickenheimer

    Chickenheimer New Member

    This realy is awesome, beeing able to play 'n pay for youre gear....awesome, thnx, Razer!!
  5. Darkstar887

    Darkstar887 New Member

    Hi, I dont think my achievements are unlocking correctly..
    Chickenheimer likes this.
  6. Chickenheimer

    Chickenheimer New Member

    Same here, Darkstar77, i think sometimes it takes a little while for the system to update, this morning i had an alert for an achievement i got last night just before i logged off.

    I just checked and i should be getting the 'Getting Started' trophy, but its not giving it for some reason,...

    Don't worry, Razer team is amazing, theyl get it fixed as soon as they can.
  7. Darkstar887

    Darkstar887 New Member

    Likewise, I cannot get the Getting Started trophy. I hope they add more ways to get zSilver. I know the Chroma mugs will be gone by time I have enough to redeem mine so im planning on going for the keyboard rest. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  8. Chickenheimer

    Chickenheimer New Member

    i have a feeling this thing is getting pretty popular, so probably, yep, more ways to earn, i play alot games so i have atleast 900 zsilver a day...that flashy keyboard is what im liking very very much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, ...long ways to go stil huehuehue
  9. viktumx

    viktumx New Member

    Awesome! Looking forward to earning and redeeming some Zsilver.
    Chickenheimer likes this.
  10. Feldt

    Feldt New Member

    Started a conversation just need help with gettting the points please and thank you. Also if anyone here knows of how to do it let me know please.
  11. IlBura

    IlBura New Member

    Why it doesn't work with me?
    I added location, avatar, date of birth without results
  12. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    Give it a few hours.
    IlBura likes this.
  13. AoiResha

    AoiResha New Member

    It's been an entire week and the Location, DOB, and Avatar achievement hasn't unlocked. Same with the Follow a Razer Staff and have 1 person follow you. Razer Insider mods might want to talk to the admins about this cause it shouldn't take a system an entire week to "update."
  14. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    I think some of them are broke, The only one I never got was the follow a Mod one, which I followed several of them weeks ago. But it's only 5 zSilver for that one so it's not worth worrying much about. But it'd be nice if they all worked and quicker.
  15. Chickenheimer

    Chickenheimer New Member

    The getting started has been awarded to me now, it is like one said, it takes some time...on to the next :)
  16. mahousensei

    mahousensei Active Member

    Hello everyone, does someone know from when the Clean Slate start counting for the full year without warning ?
    My account is more than 2 years old now so I wonder.
  17. SmoekrBomb1

    SmoekrBomb1 New Member

    Great more zsilver i have been trying to get at least 400 a day
  18. MedicatedWarrior

    MedicatedWarrior New Member

    Awesome stuff. Even though it may take me forever to rack up enough points to get what I want, I think this is an awesome idea and love the concept!
  19. Peeweefunkydude

    Peeweefunkydude New Member

    Trying to get that Razer Mug Holder :heart:
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  20. engmia

    engmia New Member

    This is an absolutely great way to boost activity in the Razer Community forums.

    However I feel that the initiative is not big enough, 500 zSilver for 1000 posts is pretty much nothing. Writing 1000 engaging posts (not just posting "lol" with a script 1000 times) will take much more than 1000-1500 minutes. I would say it could easily take over 3000 minutes (that's still just 3 minutes for a post!).

    So you earn 500 zSilver from over 3000 minutes of activity and writing quality posts in the forum, and you earn the same from playing for just 166 minutes..

    I strongly feel that the rewards from the insider activities must be greatly increased.

    Again, the initiative is quite awesome.
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