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Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by Pancode, Apr 6, 2017.

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  1. BlutigEisbar

    BlutigEisbar Active Member

    I had to hide a few of my apps for reasons but this is my home screen for my iPhone X with the Overwatch League team. I made the wallpaper too! #SeoulDynastyFighting!

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  2. Levi_King08

    Levi_King08 Member

    Where's the content? XD
  3. BlutigEisbar

    BlutigEisbar Active Member

    It's on other pages haha
  4. Levi_King08

    Levi_King08 Member

    Lol I understand that XD... But hey....all you had to do your home screen and u did so lol
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  5. TheWill42

    TheWill42 Active Member

    Pretty basic. But I like how clean it is while still giving me easy access to what I need the most.

    I work in American politics. The countdown is to see the days until runoff election I'm working on and MiniVAN is an app for collecting information on voters.

    I have two email app to keep my personal and work emails separate and use Spotify Premium and Pocketcasts to listen to music and podcasts while I'm driving.

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  6. Love46patel

    Love46patel Active Member

    Screenshot_20171220-210846.png my current home screen
  7. DestaKhoo

    DestaKhoo Well-Known Member


    I like Hatsune Miku. This is Sony official Xperia ft. Miku wallpaper. That is why I choose her. Don't get me wrong, I even hope she is using Razer branded headphone! Possible make it Hatsune Miku ft. Razer.

    PS: Razer and Miku? You can't split me from both of them.
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  8. Love46patel

    Love46patel Active Member

    Screenshot_20180111-041646.png My current home screen
  9. jetsetloo

    jetsetloo New Member

    My homescreen with CircleLauncher

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  10. Arelmunda

    Arelmunda Well-Known Member

    So the upgrade has finally happened. My S3's power button lost it's springiness and would endlessly reboot the phone, plus there were some OS issues with newer apps (I hacked Android 6.0 on there, but PlayStore still treated it as 4.3 and would not allow some apps to install).

    Now I have a Huawei Nova 2i (Razer'd it on day one of course). Sweet phone so far, still learning to drive again but it looks promising.
  11. Leehm

    Leehm Active Member

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  12. Arelmunda

    Arelmunda Well-Known Member

    Whoops, I seem to have misplaced the image. Sorry mod squad, please don't hate me.
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