Solving the non-backlit Fn Keys Issue on the Blade 1060

Discussion in 'Systems' started by d4rkfiber, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. d4rkfiber

    d4rkfiber Member

    Every review of the New Razer Blade, aka Blade 14, aka Blade 2016, aka Blade 1060, aka Blade 2016 1060, talk about how the functions of the function keys are not backlit. It sucks. I'm typing this in a dark room right now and I want to turn down the brightness of the screen but I can't tell which function key does that...

    The solution is simple. Since it has a Chroma RGB keyboard, simply color code the function keys to their purpose. For instance, for monitor brightness up and down, make brightness up yellow, and brightness down slightly darker yellow. Then sound up bright green and sound down dark green, ect.

    The issue with this is obviously when you press the Fn key, all of the function keys become the same default hard-coded color. How can we get around this? Is it possible to alter what colors the function keys are after you press the Fn key? Razer, can we get this functionality in Synapse? That is, make it so we can configure the colors of keys when we're holding down a certain key.
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  2. Thomas_le

    Thomas_le New Member

    I can say they have never heard us on this forum

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  3. Destrok

    Destrok Well-Known Member

    what are you talking about? They totally take feedback from Insider????? And you've been on the forum for all of a month..... so what are you basing this off of? You haven't been around long enough to even see if they do or not?

    Also you, good job you, you are the future. I was actually thinking about this recently, as I purchased a blade stealth a week or so ago. I was immediately impressed that when pressing the function key that they all get highlighted. I just kinda remembered which were for volume seeing as that is what I use the most. I will toy around with synapse some more tonight to see if we can mess with the function highlighting feature. I know @Vaypron is working on python integration for coding chroma, I haven't had too much time to mess with what he sent me yet, but I hope to get more in depth with it soon. There are also plenty of other users on the forum with access to the SDK and the required know-how, so something like this shouldn't be too hard to pull off.
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