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Special Access: Pre-Registrations and Pre-Orders

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Dec 3, 2014.

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  1. upPhloxever269

    upPhloxever269 Active Member

    whether strategic or not. This post of yours will cut down the spamming and make the community here better lol. Telling everyone to be helpful is a very good initiative. #HailRazer
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  2. I appreciate the information and the clarification. I think that all of us got caught up in the frenzy to some extent and were a bit disappointed when we were unable to get a hold of the first Nabus. For me, this is the band that I want, and while I would appreciate being in the initial groups, I am no longer a gamer and do not own thousands of dollars of Razer gear like many on this forum. I am willing to wait (as I have done since January) for the Nabu to reward those whose support for Razer has been unwaivering over the years. I just want to get one at some point (sooner if possible) but understand that those who have been with Razer for the long haul should be rewarded. Nice job of explaining the process, thanks!
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  3. Caboosasaurus

    Caboosasaurus New Member

    That is reasonable I just bring up the question I feel most of us have, and that's when will we be able to get our hands on it. I have accepted that I'm not a hardcore fan and wont get the 1st how ever many thousand units, but would love to know when the early access will end and the Nabu will be in the store for all. I know those time frames are hard to give accurately but even being vocal with your goals for launch can make us feel a little bit more at ease.
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  4. SpartaKnight

    SpartaKnight Member

    Thanks so much Min! Honestly, you totally correct. It's a reward. People are bitching because the didn't get one. C'mon people! This is very very early release! BE grateful! Anyway, I had one question. For wave 2, will all sizes and colors be available? Thanks! :heart: Razer

    dIScRAZYgINGER Active Member

    @Min-Liang Tan Would be owning a blade pro, many shirts, a few mice, blacksharks, and adaros and putting the razer stickers on everything considered being a hardcore fan xD also was wondering if you guys make two types of stickers?
  6. jalbka

    jalbka New Member

    This is a good way about it. At first I was super excited and would have jumped the gun, but by pre-registering it made me think on whether or not to wait, especially after I found out that you were only selling the M/L all black models and I want the S/M Black/Green model instead.
  7. SpartaKnight

    SpartaKnight Member

    Wondering the same exact thing. When will it hit the shelves?
  8. iceVayne

    iceVayne New Member

    Thank you for the clarification. While I would love to be one of the first people to have the Nabu, I am willing to wait until they are launched in the retail stores. Just hope that's not too long.
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  9. centralhitPrune233

    centralhitPrune233 Active Member

    I'm really glad you brought up a lot of these points. Especially because it gives a better understanding for why you guys did what you did in the first place.

    Specifically I am very happy about the point I quoted above. Not only do I think it's a bit fairer for hardcore users who are active on the forum to have a better chance of getting the product but it will also lock down on all of the freaking "obligatory nabu post" that a lot of the new users were doing.
  10. Toucanjake

    Toucanjake Member

    Here's the thing. From what I have seen (and for myself included), many of us didn't get an e-mail yesterday. All of the things that were required had been completed; I had gotten a notification that I was registered. Does/did activity have anything to do with the lack of e-mail last night?
  11. Aw1195

    Aw1195 New Member

    Thanks for the update! Very much appreciated! I am indeed looking forward for the second wave of nabu sales.
  12. ph4n10m

    ph4n10m Member

    Wow. Very active transparency, Thanks!

    Also thanks for taking the other Razer contributions into account. It makes things nice, and definitely reduces on the spammy comments.
    (Sorry again, to everyone about the chitchat on the first forum post. I think once we figured out the conversations feature a bit better, it was much easier to just chitchat among ourselves.)

    I'd ask if you could clarify what measurements you're using for "hardcore" vs "casual," but I'm guessing that is a secret you'll be keeping to yourselves so people don't try and inflate those numbers as well. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Can't wait for wave 2! :)
  13. Archx

    Archx New Member

    Can't wait for the 2nd wave. (Canada)
  14. L3thal

    L3thal Member

    Thanks for the explanation, we only want keep updated, those who follow the product since announcement we were disappointed a lot, but it always helps out to explain and clarify procedures.
    keep up the good work
  15. Beigelotus

    Beigelotus Member

    I'm looking forward to the next wave :D getting a nabu is my number 1 priority :D
  16. Tjebbe

    Tjebbe New Member

    Min-Liang Tan What u do I think its very good. rewarding those who deserve it. Although this is the first time doing this everyone had access to pre-order (us only). but once the forums get going this will get much easier. do you know if there will be a special price once windows phone gets compatible because i'm not pre-ordering because its not compatible but that means i dont get a chance with the special price
  17. StupidPeanut

    StupidPeanut New Member

    Good to hear about this news! Hopefully the 2nd wave will come before Christmas. I did already pre-order from Bestbuy so lets see how this will work out! ^^
  18. iwannadie305

    iwannadie305 New Member

    Thanx for the information Min..
    I really appreciate it..
    Not just only me I think.
    Keep your good work..
  19. Elfreid

    Elfreid Well-Known Member

    How about the regional issue? Will the first wave of pre-order only limited to US only in the future?
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  20. amanc93

    amanc93 Member

    This makes a lot of sense. Plus, knowing that a lot of members have been waiting since the announcement of the product, a few more weeks won't really hurt. The product looks like it's definitely worth the wait. I think this is a brilliant plan.
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