[Status update] Razer Core shipment

Discussion in 'Systems' started by technokat, Apr 8, 2016.

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  1. SirThomasKrown

    SirThomasKrown Active Member

    I'd give it a rest on the F5 until Monday champ! I'm sure it won't change until then...if then...btw i thought it was funny. #savetheswitch
  2. kmklapak

    kmklapak New Member

    Has Razer given any new official updates on when the core will be available to purchase, for those who didn't preorder it?
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  3. Gnawpurpz

    Gnawpurpz New Member

    no update as of yet
  4. vineSinopiafresh295

    vineSinopiafresh295 New Member

    So question, if we only have 60 days for the credit from buying a Blade or Stealth, how are we supposed to use it of we can't order the core still?
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  5. chhappy7

    chhappy7 Member


    Just disseminating this info to places. Seems like a lot of info is spread everywhere, so I'm posting this in various threads. This was my very own email and response I personally got.

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  6. Greenblaz

    Greenblaz New Member

    Good morning F5 squad!
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  7. Sidedoor

    Sidedoor Member

    Morning team. Good luck

    PS I am using the auto-refresh extension the someone mentioned earlier in the post. That thing is awseome
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  8. SirThomasKrown

    SirThomasKrown Active Member

    It would be really nice and redeeming if someone from Razer would get on here and give some info...
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  9. I'm thinking if the Core isn't available for sale soon, they may end up dealing with a lot of returned Razer Blades...
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  10. lzh464150085

    lzh464150085 New Member

    If my GTX 1080 arrives sooner than the Core, I'm gonna return my blade.
  11. FIREeverAvocado755

    FIREeverAvocado755 New Member

    If anyone is selling their Core, I'm very interested.
    I live in Sweden, and they haven't even announced a release date for Europe :/

    Just got a NUC Skull Canyon, fully loaded, so really looking forward to getting a Core (and GTX 1080).
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  12. i feel like people are losing hope, because it is so quiet here
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  13. SirThomasKrown

    SirThomasKrown Active Member

    Its kind of like that, yes. It's more because of razer being quiet. They haventer given any info in quite a while. Causing the hype to fade.
  14. Nightmyth

    Nightmyth Active Member

    Looks like not gonna happen today
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  15. SirThomasKrown

    SirThomasKrown Active Member

    Of course not, why would it lol
  16. razer is so fk up,,,,for real...
  17. I still do not understand why they will not allow pre-orders. I really do not want to deal with the hassle of getting a new discount code when mine expires. Just let me buy a Core and wait for you to build the darn thing. How hard could that be?
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  18. chhappy7

    chhappy7 Member

    I personally think Blade should definitely stand on its own for a bit even if the Core is delayed even more. I know it may sound like it's because I already have the Core, but really, Blade by itself is an amazing laptop. If you got the Blade just so you can use it with the Core, then I think that really devalues the Blade. Now, I understand the frustration, and I was frustrated to heck as well until I got a little lucky. But just enjoy the laptop, or at the very least try to do so while you guys wait for Razer to open up the Core again.

    Don't let an accessory to a laptop ruin your whole experience of the sexy ass laptop that is the Razer Blade 2016.
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  19. Nightmyth

    Nightmyth Active Member

    I have the blade 2016 too. But a lot of people have the stealth and they need the core to play games
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  20. AmazingSpanoMan

    AmazingSpanoMan Active Member

    I'm still planning on getting the core and running a 1070 In it. I think that will give me enough gaming chops to get rid of my aging desktop. I hope it pops soon for official sale soon. Saw a couple thunderbolt EGPU enclosures recently that may work as well and may be more available but really want to keep the look oforward razer on my desktop.

    I personally think they are still running into issues with 14" blade and Core compatibility.
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