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[SUGGESTION] Keyboard with Improved Switchblade UI

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Hawkeye85, Sep 28, 2017.


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  1. Hawkeye85

    Hawkeye85 Member

    Hello, as the title says I suggest a keyboard with an improved Switchblade UI.

    Here is what I suggest:
    • Choice of all of the different Razer switches.
    • Choice of Small, Medium, or Large Keycaps.
    • Replace the Numpad with an upgraded Switchblade UI - 120+ Refresh rate(I don't know what the old one had, I think it was 80.) for ultra-smooth performance. Make the Numpad a side-app for the Switchblade UI so you can still use the Numpad if you need/want to.
    • Give it an additional screen for monitoring PC temperature, Fan speeds, or anything else(or incorporate it into the Switchblade UI.
    • Give it anything else that the original Switchblade UI had on the Deathstalker Ultimate.
    • Chroma lighting.
    • Metal build, not plastic.
    • Give it a screen protector for the Switchblade UI(at least put it as a link on the main keyboard website page).
    • In addition to the Screen Protector, sell a keyboard-care kit, with professional level products and tools to keep it looking factory-fresh.
    • Give it a few Macro keys. At least 5 preferably.
    • Give it a cushioned wrist rest.
    • Give it Instant Trigger Technology.
    Please consider Razer! This would be a dream come true for me, and probably for quite a few other Razer fans!

    What do you guys think? What would you add? What do you think is unnecessary? Please use the poll to show support!
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2017
  2. shakypuddin09

    shakypuddin09 New Member

    That sounds like an epic keyboard.
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  3. Hawkeye85

    Hawkeye85 Member

    @hookemhorns009 That's the idea! Combine the best aspects of each great Razer keyboard into one end-game keyboard that will really force other brands to step up their game and keep Razer in the lead as the #1 Gaming gear supplier for a couple years! (hopefully with a sub-$300 price tag!)

    Edit: added 2 more items to the OP list for what I would like to see, meant to add them at the original post time, but slipped my mind!
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